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If this part doesn’t have his name written all over it, pass us a dang Sharpie already — we’ll do it ourselves.

General Hospital may be done with William deVry and his mega-popular alter ego. (RIP, Julian Jerome.) But the actor’s fans — us included — are not. So we’re hoping against hope that he’ll land a new soap role. We even know just the one for which he’s made.

The Young and the Restless’ Matt Miller.

“Who?” you say. “Matt Miller,” we reply as if you’re hearing-impaired and not merely unfamiliar with the brother of the one and only Victor Newman. Did that help? No? Eh, keep reading.

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We know that Robert Parucha is the actor most closely associated with the role, but since his version of the character failed to convince Ashley to marry him — even after she’d been dumped by the Mustache while she was carrying his baby — we’re gonna go out on a limb and say that he didn’t make the hugest of impressions. (Not for nothing, but Ashley did tie the knot with half a dozen other guys, including skeezy Tucker McCall; by and large, she can’t resist an “I do” to-do.)

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So Matt is ripe for a revamp. And charismatic deVry is just the guy for the job. Drop him into the role, and we suspect we’d immediately see Ashley reconsider the one who didn’t so much get away as get pushed away.

Eileen Davidson, Robert Parucha yr matt Ashley hw

Matt and Ashley’s relationship was like a circular road: It went nowhere.

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A Matt that was brought to life by deVry might also be a perfect match for Sharon (though obviously, she’s currently busy trying to convince herself that marrying Rey will lessen her attraction to Adam) or Chelsea (whose relationship with Adam has an expiration date of… oh, whatever day Sharon gives in to temptation with him). Even Victor’s wife, Nikki, wouldn’t be immune to Matt’s charms, were deVry to turn his appeal up to 11.

Which for him is kinda like “idling.”

What’s more, were the soap-hopper, previously Michael on All My Children and Storm on The Bold and the Beautiful, to join the Newman family on The Young and the Restless, Eric Braeden’s iconic Victor would have the kind of sounding board that he hasn’t since the Colonel.

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What do you think, General Hospital fans? Could you imagine deVry becoming a mover and shaker among The Young and the Restless? Got a better idea? Hit the comments with it, and while you’re here, check out the below photo gallery that takes you through the highs and lows on General Hospital in 2020.