Briana Lane as Brook Lynn Quartermaine on GH
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

The character left town keeping a pretty big secret! 

No one can say that General Hospital’s Brook Lynn doesn’t know how to make an exit! Having spent the past few months stirring up quite a bit of trouble, Ned’s daughter informed him that she planned to leave Port Charles and go spend some time with mom Lois in Bensonhurst. As it turns out, the character’s departure will actually help facilitate the replacement of recast Briana Lane with her predecessor, Amanda Setton.

“I need to get out of this town,” Brook Lynn told Valentin during a farewell chat at the Metro Court. “If I stay, the fires I lit are just gonna grow.”

What she didn’t tell the man with whom she recently enjoyed a one-night stand was that she might be carrying his baby, as implied when after he walked away, the beauty revealed that she had a pregnancy test in her purse. (Then again, the father-to-be, if there is one, could also be one of these five other Port Charles fellas.)

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A few hours after the scenes in which Brook Lynn announced her intention to leave town aired, Lane sent out a tweet confirming her own departure from the show. “Playing the role of Brook Lynn Quartermaine on General Hospital has been an absolute joy and honor,” she wrote. “Feel lucky to have been surrounded by such a gifted cast, kind crew and passionate producers these past four months, and it’s an experience that I will always hold close to my heart.”

In a second tweet, Lane not only thanked fans “who have been so welcoming to the new kid,” she went on to break a little news. “Passing the baton back to beautiful and mega-talented Amanda Setton,” she said.

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Lane admitted that shooting her final scenes with on-screen dad Wally Kurth was emotional. Posting a picture of herself with Kurth, Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) and executive producer Frank Valentini on her final day of taping, Lane shared that she “still had tears in my eyes from Wally and I’s last scene as father and daughter.”

Viewers will recall that Setton exited the show back in August in order to enjoy maternity leave. Aside from Lane’s tweet, there’s no news regarding exactly when Setton might actually return to the set or be seen on screen. With Brook Lynn possibly carrying Valentin’s child, the show could theoretically opt to keep the character off canvas long enough to return with a well-swaddled Cassadine heir in her arms.

Were you surprised by the sudden news of Lane’s exit, not to mention Brook Lynn’s apparent pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments, then visit the gallery below as we look at the General Hospital characters we most want to see back on our screens.