Julian is in hot water on GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Cyrus calls in a favor with Julian that blows his mind.

If you thought last week’s episodes of General Hospital were amazing, wait until you see this week. In the weekly preview for November 16 – 20, Chase walks in on Michael and Willow in various states of undress. Previously Willow and Michael struggled with whether to sign their annulment papers and decided to put it off until it felt right. What did feel right was getting down to business, and the duo finally consummated their marriage. Of course, this happened just as Chase had decided to come clean with Willow about him and Sasha faking their affair to push her and Michael to be together for Wiley’s sake.

Cyrus wined and dined Sasha last week, which included giving her a sample of his latest drug. He took her back to his place where she got high and then flipped out on him. Unfortunately, the drugs were too much for her system. Brando burst into Cyrus’ apartment as Sasha seized and collapsed. Look for Cyrus to order Brando to take care of his Sasha problem.

Britt has been making no friends as Cyrus’ appointed Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Jason suspects she returned to Port Charles for reasons other than the job promotion and also sees her as a possible was to expose Cyrus’ real plans. This week, Britt is in for a shock.

The real shocker comes with Cyrus’ demand of Julian, which could lead to the end of Julian’s time on earth. Julian was forced to turn to Cyrus to deal with his Ryan problem. Cyrus arranged for Ryan to be stabbed in prison, and Nelle’s letter implicating Julian in the Wiley cover-up mysteriously disappeared. Now Cyrus is calling in a favor.

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