Finn shot and in hospital on GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

This week is must-see TV on ABC as a fight is on to save several lives.

With November sweeps in high gear, General Hospital has amped up the excitement. In the weekly preview for November 9 – 13, several Port Charles residents are fighting for their lives, and one or more might not make it.

Last week Anna and Alex’s latest epic confrontation led to Alex attempting to kill her sister along with Valentin. And while they escaped, Alex put the second part of her plan into motion… kidnapping Maxie! During the attempt, Finn struggled with Alex and was shot and later rushed to the hospital. This week as Chase arrives to learn the condition of his brother, it will be a fight to save Finn’s life.

Sasha has been struggling with a cocaine addiction ever since she and Chase were dumped by Michael and Willow for having an affair, one they faked to force Michael and Willow to marry so they could win custody of Wiley. However, her addiction is no longer a secret, as both Nina and Carly know about her dirty little habit. Now, the women struggle with the information. Could one of them act this week to help Sasha and save her life?

Franco learned his brain tumor was back and inoperable. Fearing he could resort to being a sociopathic killer again, he asked Jason to kill him if signs pointed that he was resorting to his old ways. This week, Franco makes a big confession to someone else.

Jordan and Curtis teamed up with Portia to take down Cyrus once and for all. Jordan and Curtis set out to find out what, or who, Cyrus seems to be intent on guarding in a secluded house. And they find themselves in a dangerous situation as they investigate. This week is must-see TV on ABC.

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