Maurice Benard interview
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A little message from a beloved soap opera star to brighten your day.

Anyone who is a fan of longtime General Hospital actor Maurice Benard is very much aware that he is a people person — one who loves his soap opera fans. One fan in particular needed a little pick-me-up before her surgery and was brought to tears — as were we — by not only the sight of Bernard but by him delivering a touching message directly to her.

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Bernard posted a video on his Instagram of soap fan Virginia, sitting at a table, as she’s shown a cell phone, featuring the actor’s Cameo video message. Virginia is consumed by tears from the moment she sees his face and hears his message begin with, “My name is Maurice Benard and I play Sonny on General Hospital…” With a hand on her head, sobbing, she listens as he continues, “You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m doing talking to you but your grandkids love you very, very much and they tell me that you’re having surgery.”

He goes on to assure Virginia, “I’m telling you, you have nothing to worry about, you stay strong, stay in the moment…” She cries and nods along with Bernard’s encouraging words, “think positive and you know, just know that everybody loves you.” When he asks, “Guess who else loves you?” Virginia speaks for the first time and replies, “You.” If her laugh is any indication, Virginia got quite the kick out of hearing him confirm, “Meeeeeee!” She went on to thank the ABC soap star as he tried to recall, “What’s the song [with a] Virginia…”

Along with the video, Bernard captioned the moment with, “The reason I’m on @cameo is because of beautiful moments like this.” Do you want to make someone’s day with a message from a star or maybe send one to yourself? Here are just a few The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless soap opera actors who are on Cameo.

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