franco wants jason to kill him GH
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Jordan is pinpointed as a dirty cop.

This week’s General Hospital weekly video promo for November 2 through November 6, features the major drama about to explode in Port Charles. Jason meets Franco at the Floating Rib and asks, “What do you want?” Franco, with a straight face, replies, “I want you to kill me.” Portia confronts Jordan at General Hospital and accuses, “You’re a dirty cop,” as Ryan lures Sonny to Pentonville to deliver some information that “is going to rock your world.” Plus, we get a peek at Chase exiting the shower to take a call, Ava gasping in horror, twins Anna and Alex engaging in a physical attack, Julian acting oh-so calm, Maxie screaming for a her life and Finn coming to the rescue of another with the threat of a gun going off! Want more? Visit our General Hospital spoilers for an exclusive November Sweeps preview.

Though yesterday the ABC soap opera aired a special Election Day episode surrounding Josslyn and Trina being transported back in time to see firsthand what women had to go through to obtain the right to vote, last Friday’s show left us with a lot to look forward to… Ryan caught Ava in a lie about her supposed divorce and warned she’d pay. Liz and Franco’s part in the blackmail of Nik and Ava was revealed. Julian came face to face with Darth Vader aka Taggert then vowed to help Ava with the drama that is her life — Nik and Ryan. Sam and Spinelli tricked Peter into thinking that Helena was alive… and the biggest cliffhanger of them all was Alex appearing in Port Charles and knocking out her twin sister Anna. Will Finn be able to save his love or will Alex take Anna’s place and put her spell on the good doctor too? It’ll be exciting to see what happens between these siblings.

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