william devry out at general hospital
Credit: ABC

Though the actor still hasn’t come out and said whether or not he’s been/is being written off as Julian, he is making some seemingly telling statements.

After William deVry tweeted a photo of his beautiful “home, sweet home,” adding, “Life is good! New beginnings breed nervous enthusiasm,” his followers naturally took it as yet another hint that his days as Julian Jerome on General Hospital were nearing their end.

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One of his fans, Autumn Lily, replied that “you’ll be back on General Hospital before you know it. They never have remarkable actors off the show for long. I’m sure this is just storyline-dictated for now.”

In response, deVry put the kibosh on any talk of a comeback to Port Charles. He didn’t say that he was going, mind you, only that “if I go. No return. That’s a promise.”

“Love the fans,” he added.

Elsewhere in his Twitter feed, deVry, who’s played Julian since 2013, cheered on a viewer he inspired to work out (“That made my week!”), thanked a senior who called him “one of the sexiest men on TV” (“Go, grandma!”) and thusly addressed a follower who expressed her hope that the rumors of his exit were just that — rumors. “Time will certainly tell,” he wrote. “No poker face needed on my end.”

When another fan inquired when deVry’s last airdate was “so I can stop the DVR,” he answered, “TBD.”

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A day later, deVry tweeted a photo from the set with Kelly Monaco. “Good day at work, eh?” he captioned it. Sam’s portrayer “hanging with her papa… who’s only seven years older.”

When fans expressed their regret that the show had never let Julian and Sam grow close and mend the rift in their father/daughter relationship, over and over, deVry seconded that emotion. “Me, too.”

And that’s the latest. What do you think? Are the rumors just rumors? Is deVry trying to tell us something with his tweets? While you ponder, stop by the photo gallery below to take a walk down memory lane as we revisit highlights of the actor’s run as Julian.