Credit: The Q Family Tree - minus another one. (ABC)

With rumors flying about more firings in the cast of General Hospital it’s got to be tense back stage at our favorite hospital! Leslie Charleson (Monica Quartermaine) expresses her concerns over the demise of her onscreen husband of almost thirty years, “The timing leaves me very discouraged about the way soaps are going, the total disregard for history and the blatant disregard for the veterans.” She continues, “This is not good for morale. What is the point of this? It’s certainly not for sweeps. And it can’t be for money, because he (Stuart Damon) is contractually guaranteed to be paid through August, so they’re not saving any money until then…” John Ingle, who plays Edward Quartermaine has also been pretty verbal about his feelings, “Jane (Tracy Q.), Leslie (Monica)�we’re all angry and confused as to the motives.”