GH Rundown for the week of October 26!

Two big things happened last week: Jonathan Jackson returned and Claudia was finally busted.

I get that Jonathan Jackson returning to play Lucky is a big deal, but the character hasn’t been off the canvas. So for him to say, ‘Remember me?’ in his first scene and for the promos to say Elizabeth’s ‘first love returns’ was annoying because the character didn’t go anywhere and it kind of negated Greg Vaughan’s tenure as Lucky. I don’t mind a nod to the fact that Jackson has returned, but maybe Elizabeth could have said he looked different or something similar and the promos could have just trumpeted Jackson returning.

That said, in my opinion, Jackson returning to the role he originated makes a huge difference. His scenes as Lucky with Luke and Elizabeth hold a different weight than they did with Greg Vaughan. I tried to imagine Vaughan in those scenes Jonathan had last week and I didn’t think they would have had the same depth. I know the writers didn’t utilize Greg as much as they should have, but I also think the actors have different strengths and these quiet emotional scenes are where Jonathan shines. On the other hand, I can’t really see Jonathan Jackson having the same appeal or chemistry Greg did in his scenes opposite Kelly Monaco (Sam) or even Kirsten Storms (Maxie). Now that Jackson is back, I am really looking forward to watching Lucky delve into his relationships with Luke, Liz and Nikolas.

Claudia was finally outed as the mastermind behind the hit that put Michael in a coma and I really enjoyed the build up to it. Jason’s frustration was evident, as after hearing the CD, Sonny just told him he had a party to go to, which was also kind of hilarious. Sonny’s calm before the storm, lulling Claudia into a false sense of security about her party, was fantastic as well, but then Sonny blew up. I’m not a fan of his outbursts and would have liked him to have been a bit more reserved in his anger, but I suppose it was necessary this time around so that Kristina could witness her father’s dark side.

I enjoyed the fast and furious pace of the party scenes and especially liked that Dante put Jax in his place about busting Sonny because A) he does not have to answer to him and B) he was so right about Jax never being able to get the goods on Sonny himself. I also enjoyed his scene with Mike, as he is already looking out for him even though he doesn’t know they are related. Then of course there was Maxie and Tracy teasing and questioning Lulu about Dante, which was cute and fun. As for a non-Dante related scene that I enjoyed, I was happy Johnny stuck up for his sister when Sonny outed her. Even though he’s pretty disgusted with Claudia these days, he still loves her and is loyal, which makes him more complex.