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On October 29, for the first time, the actress tackled the topic of whether she’s been let go as Lulu.

After days of speculation about whether General Hospital had dropped her from the cast, Emme Rylan posted a series of Instastories in which she addressed the big changes that are going on in her life as best she could. First, choosing her words carefully, Lulu’s portrayer said that “I am not… in a position to be able to comment on the work stuff…

“So in terms of General Hospital,” she continued, “I’m going to keep that topic quiet” — that is, except to express her gratitude for all of the loving messages she’s been sent by fans and to assure them that “I’m OK.” 

Mind you, Rylan wasn’t really done discussing her status with the ABC soap, not entirely. But, as we are so prone to doing ourselves, she digressed before getting back to it. 

Next, the fan favorite explained that the house in which she lives with her three boys and their dad had been sold by their landlord, thus setting them off on the “most bizarre house-hunting of our adult lives.”

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Apparently unable to find the perfect place to rehang their Home, Sweet Home sign, she and significant other Don Money “have decided to do something completely insane,” she says.

And fun, it sounds like. “We are currently packing up our entire house and putting it in a POD and putting it in storage here in Los Angeles” while going on a safe and “epic road trip.”

So, whether we’ll get to keep seeing Rylan on General Hospital, we can watch what she called “a hot mess of one car, three kids, two cats and two dogs” tooling around “while not interacting with anyone… that,” she laughed, “will be streaming daily here on Instagram.”

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Ahead of their departure, Rylan was getting as stoked as the boys already are. The veteran of Guiding Light (as Lizzie) and The Young and the Restless (as Abby) noted that she’d been “working every day on a soap since 2004.” In all that time, “I’ve only been in New York and L.A. I’ve never explored life outside of this bubble.” 

Now, at last, she would. Later in the series of clips, after revealing that she’d discovered — who knew? — a lovely window that had long been obscured by the yarn wall in her home, she again attempted to address her status with General Hospital. “Could I be more vague here if I tried?” she mused. “I’m getting a lot of questions that I cannot answer.”

Questions, she said, like, had she maybe chosen “to take a vacation or just take time off. The only thing I can say… mm… is that no. I did not choose this.

“I can’t say anything else,” she went on. “That’s all I’m allowed to say.” 

What, then, is the adventure on which she and her gang are going? That, she said, is “us taking an unexpected turn of events and turning it into something positive and fun for our family.”

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We should all face upheaval and uncertainty with such a great attitude. While you ponder the meaning of Rylan’s remarks, perhaps you’d like to check out the below photo gallery, which is full of images of not only her and Money but all of General Hospital’s stars and their real-life mates.