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The actress found a brilliantly cheeky way to shut down haters.

We’ll let you know upfront so nobody gets a case of the vapors: Toward the bottom of this article is Kelly Monaco’s October 29 Instagram post, in which she and a friend are seen diving off a boat in their birthday suits. If a little skin is gonna leave your knickers in a knot, you might want to bail on this story now before you get an eyeful. As for the grownups in the room…

You’ll recall that on October 28, the General Hospital actress, who plays Sam, issued and then edited out an impassioned plea to online trolls, aka the jerks “who have hate in their heart, [enough] to comment and say such negative [bleep] on my page. Try… I know it’s hard… but try to look into my eyes and not critique or criticize my physical appearance. Look into my eyes and tell me what you see?!”

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Predicting that their vision would be poor, she helped them out by noting, “I have feelings, a heart and a soul. Most look past that! Do you see joy, pain, happiness, loneliness, love… Check yourself before you judge others.”

After deleting her message to her detractors, Monaco’s abbreviated post addressed them only with: “Please. #nohate [Bullies] stay away.”

A day later, the actress, previously Livvie on Port Charles and, of course, a Dancing With the Stars champion (the first one, as a matter of fact), found a clever way to flip the script. She posted a photo of herself taking a dip with a friend in the altogether and captioned it: “Let’s take the attention away from my face.”

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Mission accomplished. Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) responded with a laughing emoji. “Kelly is funny and feisty,” wrote passantelori. “Like Sam.”

“I love your snark,” said tiffanysreality, adding, “You are a beautiful human.” Seconding that emotion was joanmstearns24, who cheered, “You go, girl! Don’t let the keyboard bullies get to ya!”

Chiming in with some maternal love was mommy_of_4_kiddos, who advised Monaco to not “even give the trolls any more attention. [You’re] beautiful, and unfortunately, some people can’t help but be cruel to others.”

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Let’s take the attention away from my face.

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