Helena is back from the dead on GH
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Although the show faked us all out, we still suspect Helena will pop up! 

On Thursday’s special Halloween episode of General Hospital, Peter was stunned to receive a call from his old friend Helena Cassadine… or so it seemed. (Ultimately, it turned out to be Sam, using a voice modulator, as part of the ongoing effort to bring Peter down.)

Of course, the call couldn’t have come at a worse time. Peter’s ready to kick off a whole new life with Maxie and their unborn child, yet the ghosts of his past keep threatening to destroy his future! Spinelli and Jason are already trying to prove what Peter has been up to, and Helena would certainly have the necessary goods to blow him out of the water. Lest we forget, Peter was the one who hand-delivered Drew to the Cassadine matriarch all those years ago in Afghanistan. When Shiloh blackmailed Peter with that information, Peter did everything he could to cover up his tracks. He even went so far as to down Drew’s plane with him in it and try to have Franco, who had Drew’s memories at the time, and Andre killed.

But here’s the thing: While Sam may have been using the voice of Helena to try and push Peter over the edge, we can’t help thinking that the show is going to pull a double-twist by revealing that Nikolas’ grandmother really is ready to stage a comeback! Should that prove true, Peter’s not the only local who should tremble in his boots. In fact, here are just a few of his friends and neighbors — well, let’s stick with neighbors, since the guy doesn’t seem to have many friends — who should be worried!

Peter gets a call from Helena on GH

Valentin Cassadine

Valentin lost the Cassadine fortune when it was proven, through a codicil left behind by Mikkos and discovered through clues left in Helena’s portrait, revealed that he was Helena’s bastard child and not even a Cassadine. Helena also orchestrated the embryonic conception of Lulu and Valentin’s daughter Charlotte to finally link her bloodline to the Spencer line, who has long been her enemies. Who knows what Helena could have in store for her son, who she hated, but we’d love to find out who Valentin’s father really is. Helena, in a ghostly visit to Valentin, claimed it was just a peasant worker on Cassadine Island, but it seems the visit may have all been Valentin’s head. We also can’t believe she’d slum with the help in such a manner.

Valentin issues a warning on GH

Nikolas Cassadine

Nikolas had a love-hate relationship with his grandmother over the years, and it was he who finally banished her to die on Cassadine Island. A long-held fan theory had it that Nikolas actually poisoned his grandmother, and she figured out what he had done in the end as she was dying. Fans also believe she left him the portrait of her drinking her tea in part as a final message to him that she knew what he had done. If she knew she was being poisoned, she could have faked her death. Nikolas should definitely be worried about Helena wanting revenge on him and trying to take back the Cassadine fortune.

Nikolas consults Liz on GH

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Alexis Davis

Alexis is having a difficult enough time as is in the wake of Neil’s tragic death, which has driven her back to drinking. Helena’s resurrection would just be one more excuse for her hitting the bottle. Helena hated Natasha, Alexis’ birth name, for being Mikkos’s out-of-wedlock child with his mistress the opera singer Kristin Bergman. As a small child, Alexis witnessed Helena slash her mother’s throat in front of her, causing her to block out her entire life up until that point. She later took the name Alexis Davis and did recall her former life. Helena’s return would definitely shake up the alcoholic’s life. However, it also could bring back an abandoned storyline for Alexis that viewers were sad to see go by the wayside. Valentin had gifted Alexis with her mother’s watch, which would mysteriously stop working at the exact moment of her mother’s death. Perhaps there is more to her death that Alexis doesn’t remember?


Alexis is questioned by Kendra General Hospital

Sam McCall

Like her mother Alexis, Helena has no love for her daughter Sam. On her deathbed, Helena cursed Sam and Drew, who at the time believed he was Jason, with unhappiness. And they certainly got it in abundance when the real Jason, who Helena played a part in faking his death and holding him captive, returned. Now that Jason and Sam have finally made their way back together, Helena could certainly throw a wrench into their happiness. It would be great if Helena managed to have Drew stashed away safely and brought him back to Port Charles, which would likely renew tension between the three of them.

Sam feels to blame on GH

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Laura Collins

At Laura’s wedding to Luke, Helena made her first appearance, then played by Elizabeth Taylor, and gifted them with The Haunted Star as well as a curse on her happiness for the death of her husband Mikkos. And Luke and Laura certainly had good times together as well as bad times. Now that she’s happy with Kevin, we assume Helena will curse her latest union as well because she intensely despises Laura and also blames her for the death of her beloved son Stavros. Laura, who is soon to return, has enough on her hands dealing with the threat of Cyrus, she doesn’t need to also be worried about Helena.

Robert and Laura talk Holly's death at Metro Court General Hospital

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