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Neither actor has made an official statement yet. However…

On October 27, after the publication of a Daytime Confidential article in which unnamed sources claimed that General Hospital was letting go William deVry and Emme Rylan, the former tweeted that there was “a lot of junk out there” and said that, after he watched the Dodgers game on his DVR, “I will have a statement on my [Facebook] page. If I haven’t fallen asleep.” As of the morning of October 29, no such statement had appeared.

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However, the actor, who has played Julian Jerome since 2013, has returned to Twitter with vague remarks that don’t quite confirm or deny that his days in Port Charles are numbered. When a fan asked if Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) was also being written off, he laughed and replied, “I wonder why you should ask.”

When another follower expressed her sadness at the prospect of deVry’s exit — and posted a butt shot to go along with her message — the actor responded simply, “Cheeky.” Ha. Out of nowhere — or not? — the soap vet asked, “What should today’s song of the day be? ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’?” Ominous, yes, but that could be as much about Halloween as it is any backstage shakeup at General Hospital.

Meanwhile, after Rylan Instagrammed on October 28 that “some days are hard, and you just need your whole family to give you a hug” — along with a heart-melting picture of her whole family doing just that — her co-stars began sending their support. Among the first to boost the actress, who’s played Lulu Spencer since 2013, was on- and off-screen BFF Kirsten Storms (Maxie). “The love in this photo gives me the feels,” she wrote. “You know my love for you is the same.”

Perhaps more telling, though, was Grahn’s response. “My sweet one, some choices are made for you, some are not,” wrote the Emmy winner. “But the ones that are, often lead you to the best places.

“I’ve got a good feeling about that place for you,” she added, “and that perfectly perfect gene pool hanging all over you.”

An October 28 post from Kelly Monaco (Sam) seemed to lend further credence to the rumors that deVry and Rylan were out… or at least that something big was in the works at General Hospital. “I must say… a lot of changes happening,” she wrote, tagging the show. “Please. No hate.”

While we continue to await official word as whether deVry and Rylan are going are staying, why not kill some time with the below photo gallery, featuring beautiful portraits of the soap’s stars?