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Credit: ABC

“Whoever is not with me right now in this moment,” added the Emmy winner, “I miss you.”

October 27 was a big day in a strange year for Bryan Craig. “Turned 29 today,” he wrote on Instagram. “New sports” — water-skiing from the looks of the accompanying photo — “new friend, new places, new love.

“Tough year,” he continued, “but all is great. Love and appreciate everyone in my life, and for whoever is not with me right now in this moment, I miss you.”

Looking at the picture he posted of a sea-worthy party in Acapulco a day prior, all we can say is wish we were there — and knew that many attractive people from whom we didn’t have to social-distance.

Since leaving General Hospital and his role of Morgan in 2016, the two-time Emmy winner has made great strides toward primetime fame and fortune, recurring on The CW’s Valor and landing a lead on ABC’s short-lived primetime soap, Grand Hotel. He also packed a punch — literally — in the feature American Fighter. (You can watch the trailer below.)

Despite his successes, earlier this fall, Craig revealed that he was interested in returning to daytime. “I’m ready to work and up for grabs,” he tweeted, “so who’s it gonna be?” He tagged all four soaps in his post but clarified his position to “I’m ready to go back to my roots for a while in these tough times, and as [much as] I would love it to be my home of General Hospital, I’m very open to exploring the other shows of the daytime world.”

Inspired, we came up with a storyline that would allow General Hospital to resurrect ill-fated Morgan (like it has so many other “dead” characters). We also dreamt up new roles for the fan favorite on The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Thus far, there’s been no announcement of Craig’s soap comeback. However, there may be some room at General Hospital, if the rumors prove true. While you’re in the neighborhood, drop Craig a birthday greeting in the comments below, then check out the photo gallery underneath it — it’s full of former Port Charles denizens that we’re dying to see on the docks once again.