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“Hey kids,” warned deVry. “A lot of junk out there.”

On October 27, Daytime Confidential reported that, per unnamed sources, General Hospital had let go William deVry and Emme Rylan, both of whom have been cast members since 2013 — the former as resurrected mobster Julian Jerome, the latter as Luke and Laura Spencer’s daughter, Lulu. As you’d expect, fans freaked — and began scouring the actors’ social-media accounts for clues as to whether there was any truth to the rumor.

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For his part, deVry tweeted that there was “a lot of junk out there,” which seemed to suggest that the news was fake. “I’m making a delicious dinner over a hot stove, and then I’ll enjoy the Dodgers on DVR.

“I’m behind,” he added, “so sshh! However, I will have a statement on my [Facebook] page after the game. If I haven’t fallen asleep!”

Apparently, deVry did doze off, because no statement had appeared, even by the following morning. Rylan, meanwhile, shared a more worrisome post. “Some days are hard, and you just need your whole family to give you a hug,” she captioned a photo of herself receiving just such an embrace.

In response, many of her General Hospital castmates lent their support. “You are a shining [bleeping] star,” wrote Michelle Stafford, who played Nina before returning to The Young and the Restless as Phyllis. “I love you,” wrote Stafford’s successor as Nina, Cynthia Watros. Laura Wright (Carly) seconded that emotion, Briana Lane (Brook Lynn) offered up three hearts, and then came the reply from Rylan’s on- and off-screen bestie, Kirsten Storms (Maxie).

“The love in this photo gives me feels,” she wrote. “You know my love for you is the same. My ride or die but no ride to the airport. You’re a queen, Emme.”

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Although at the time, there had been no official word as to whether deVry and Rylan really had been let go — there still hasn’t — their fans feared the worst. “Please for the love of god, tell me that this is a pure, sick, disgusting joke,” wrote Ann Moore. “It’s not April 1st. We’re already in dire straits nationwide. Can we leave the only thing that gets us through an hour each day alone?”

Lorraine Hewitt tweeted deVry to tell him that “you are one of the best in the show. What would Ava do without her brother?” Added Susan Ockene: “If this is true, I’m beyond pissed. William deVry is the sweetest guy and a fabulous actor. Emme Rylan is a sweetheart and a fabulous Lulu. Good way to alienate fans.”

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AndreaPunksmom offered up her services. “If GH needs help on [deciding] who to cut, I can write them a list. But William deVry and Emme Rylan won’t be on it.”

Wild Raven Fuentes tweeted both the show and executive producer Frank Valentini to say “you are making a huge mistake in getting rid of Emme… Her fan base is massive, and we love her as Lulu. The show will go to the soap graveyard soon [if you keep] getting rid of loved actors and characters.” At the same time, afenuch just wanted to know “why? Can you just tell us why you think it’s good to get rid of Lesley Lu Spencer, a legacy family character with so much potential?” #SaveLulu, she tagged her post.

On Rylan’s Instagram feed, janeway12004 wrote, “Nooo! We won’t accept this, Emme. It makes no sense!”

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If the actors are done at General Hospital, the timing would seem to be odd. Rylan’s longtime leading man, Dominic Zamprogna, just returned to the show, seemingly setting the stage for a love triangle between Dante, former wife Lulu and her new boo, the schoolteacher affectionately known as Hot Dustin. And deVry just played scenes with his longtime leading lady, Nancy Lee Grahn, that were so intense, they made us wonder if the show was gearing up to reunite Julian and Alexis… that, or stick a fork in them for good.

On October 27, deVry retweeted a crazy-hot 2019 General Hospital scene in which a cocksure Julian pointed out to Alexis that they were endgame. “LMAO,” he wrote. “I love this scene so much.” But… was he laughing ironically, because he’d been let go and instead of endgame, Julexis were simply… ended?

When recently spoke with co-headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, they did hint at seismic shifts to the canvas. By the time the November sweeps period is through, Van Etten said, “the board on which we play General Hospital will be thrown out, and we’ll be looking at a new one. There will be a lot of fallout lasting right through the holiday season.”

Added O’Connor: “Fate will intervene in a lot of stories, and the question will become whether our characters are strong enough to overcome what unfolds.” And, perhaps, which characters will still be around when what unfolds… well, unfolds.

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While we await official word as to whether deVry and Rylan are staying or going, perhaps you can distract yourself with the below photo gallery, which revisits some soap exits that we still aren’t over.