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Randomly, hilariously, the actor tagged Chad Duell (Michael) on his Instagram post.

In a video that Maurice Benard uploaded to social media on October 26, the General Hospital leading man has to do something that he’s almost never had to: coax scene stealer Buddy the Goat to look into the camera.

When finally, Buddy complies with Benard’s request, the Emmy winner observes, “You got nice eyes, dude.”

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Ah, but as you may have guessed, everything isn’t copasetic at the ranch these days. Since last week, when Sonny’s portrayer shared his first photo with brand-new granddaughter Eloise Rose Anderson — the beautiful baby born to Benard’s daughter Heather and her husband Phil — Buddy has apparently been… let’s say out of sorts. (Oh, and by the way, in case you couldn’t tell, that’s an old shot of the General Hospital star with the tot who played Avery a few years ago above; that’s Eloise in the Instagram post below.)

“[I] had a little talk with Buddy,” the actor explains in his caption. “He says his feelings are hurt… [There’s been] too much attention on the granddaughter.”

Benard can’t deny that his eyes light up anytime the little girl is around. In his earlier post, he noted that “someone once told me life doesn’t start till you’re a grandfather” and thanked little Elouise “for jump-starting my life.”

Still, Benard had to set his four-legged family member straight. There’s love enough in his heart for both of them. On top of that, “I told him no one gets more attention than him,” he wrote.

Besides tagging the post #spoiledrotten and #diva, Benard tagged his General Hospital son, Chad Duell (Michael), for reasons that weren’t immediately clear… unless he was going for hilarity. “Thanks,” Duell replied, “for tagging me in this.”

“I’ve missed you,” Benard responded. “You haven’t written me back in a while.

“I have my feelings,” he added.

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That, we know. And he regularly explores them in his State of Mind vlogs, one which recently featured Heather as a special guest. During their conversation, he not only shared his excitement over becoming a grandpa, he and Heather, the adopted daughter of his wife Paula’s late sister, recalled the day that she asked if she could call Paula Mom. “I started bawling,” he said. “I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen… and then Mom started crying, and you kinda had tears… I think I cried more than anybody.”

At least they were joyful tears. Hey, speaking of joyful, you might get a smile out of the below photo gallery, which takes a peek inside the real-life bromances of a whole bunch of soap stars, including Benard and a longtime castmate.