Peter and Jackie meet on GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

A wicked Halloween week.

In the General Hospital weekly spoiler video for October 26 – 30, Epiphany scolds Franco for taking the last chocolate bar. Anna dresses up as a witch, Jackie opens her door to a surprise, and Valentin goes trick-or-treating. Wicked surprises are promised, as Jason checks out Sonny’s darkened gym with a flashlight. Nikolas asks Ava what she’s holding behind her back, which is a butcher knife. Killer costumes are promised, as Darth Vader makes an appearance at Charlie’s. Peter gets a frightening phone call, and Spinelli comments he looks like he’s seen a ghost as Maxie worries about her husband to be.

In a special Halloween episode of General Hospital, to air on October 29, a storm approaches Port Charles just in time for the holiday. Trina, Joss, Cam and Dev have plans to hit up a Halloween party but stop at Charlie’s first, where Julian notices someone in a mask following them. Carly is disturbed to see Cyrus dining with someone familiar in her restaurant. Finn is called into work, which puts a damper on his and Anna’s plans to take Violet trick-or-treating. And Anna is unaware of a threat that is lurking in the shadows.

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Video: General Hospital/Twitter