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Big changes are about to hit Port Charles!

According to co-headwriter Chris Van Etten, November sweeps will be so huge that by the time they’re over, “the board on which we play General Hospital will be thrown out, and we’ll be looking at a new one. There will be a lot of fallout lasting right through the holiday season.”

Adds writing partner Dan O’Connor: “Fate will intervene in a lot of stories, and the question will become whether our characters are strong enough to overcome what unfolds.” Now that they’ve got our attention, let’s take a look at what’s ahead for your favorites.

Peter’s Going Down!

Maxie’s turned a deaf ear to those trying to prevent her from making the biggest mistake of her life. So will her much-discussed wedding actually take place? “The wedding planning is planned for November,” teases Van Etten. “Forces are aligning to finally give Peter his comeuppance. The questions going forward will be, how does this happen, who does it and when? But I think when wedding bells ring is probably a good bet if you’re an audience member.”

Peter and Maxie in bed on General Hospital

Maxie’s isn’t the only wedding being planned, however, as Peter’s mom and her beau are also preparing to walk down the aisle. “But Anna is going to be somewhat distracted as the threat of Alex returning to town looms over her and Valentin,” previews O’Connor. As if that weren’t enough to keep the would-be-weds’ busy, Jackie’s presence will raise some old issues for Finn. “The past is present in that their relationship, dating back to the death of his mother, will be revisited” even as he is planning his future with Anna.

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Jackie will also find herself spending time with another person from her past. “Robert will come to the realization,” says O’Connor with a laugh, “that all of his closest friendships in Port Charles all happen to be with married women.”

Can Laura Stop Cyrus?

While some might take issue with the idea that Sonny is a “good mobster,” no one will argue that Cyrus is pure evil. “He has a plan not only for his future but for that of Port Charles,” warns O’Connor. Could the return of Genie Francis’ Laura be the key to stopping Cyrus in his tracks? “She can’t shake the feeling that Cyrus is interested in her, and on a personal level, not just because she is the mayor of this town he’s set his sites on.”

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Look for Laura to team up with Curtis and Jordan so they can, as Van Etten teases, “dig into Cyrus’ past to find out what’s motivating him and see if that hidden agenda might ultimately pave the way to his downfall.” Ultimately, the story will lead to what the scribe calls “a battle for the soul of General Hospital.”

A ‘Devastating’ Twist for Carly and Sonny

Nelle may be dead, but she’ll continue to haunt the Corinthos family in more ways than one. Already, Carly finds her late nemesis a difficult presence to shake. But what neither she nor Sonny realize is that Avery is walking around the house with a crucial piece of evidence in the form of Nelle’s necklace. While the vixen’s body may have been found — as we’ve been told repeatedly — on the Pennsylvania side of the river, Avery’s new bauble (and the details as to where she located it) could lead the police right back to Carly.

carly and sonny moments week on GH

However, that’s far from the only crisis Sonny’s clan will face in November. “The family will have a very big problem in Cyrus,” warns O’Connor, “and it will rear its head in a devastating way.”

A Huge Secret Is Revealed

While discussing the future of Elizabeth and Franco, Van Etten lets slip an intriguing tease that is sure to have longtime fans playing detective. “Liz and Franco are stronger than ever,” begins the scribe, adding that Nikolas and Ava’s attempts to manipulate them only served to bring them closer. “But their bliss is thrown for a loop when they face a sudden medical crisis. And while they are strong enough to get through anything, what they will soon discover is that this apparent health crisis is the key to unlocking one of the biggest secrets in Port Charles which has been percolating for years.”

Elizabeth Webber & Franco Baldwin on General Hospital

As for Nikolas and Ava, they’ll continue struggling to figure out exactly what they mean to one another. “You would think that injecting a blackmailing serial killer into your gothic marriage would cause the kind of tension that might break you up,” quips Van Etten, referring to Ryan holding Nelle’s letter over Ava’s head. “But with these two rather unconventional lovers, it might actually bring them closer together.”

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A Roadblock for Jason and Sam

Despite their long history, Jason and Sam find themselves dealing with something they’ve never really faced before: stability. “For the first time in a very long time,” says O’Connor, “they are balancing what it truly means to be together on a day-to-day basis. Jason is very much the same person he was when Sam met him and before he was abducted all those years ago.” Sam, however, has evolved, having spent the years that he was away becoming a corporate executive and raising two children. “So now, they have to learn how to relate to one another in a different way.”

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco gh sam jason tuxedo white dress

Asked if perhaps the pair should think about retying the knot, Van Etten acknowledges that “the subject may be on their mind” before adding that “urgent unfolding events in Port Charles may make it difficult for them to plan nuptials.”

How Low Will Alexis Sink?

“Alexis is in deep trouble,” sighs Van Etten. “Having lost so much, she made the sad decision to take some solace in her addiction. She is going to be on a quest to resume her mantle as a legal eagle and leader in Port Charles, but in order to get there, she’s got to get over her illness, and that will take some time. She’s going to face darker days before she starts to pick herself up, dust herself off and start kicking [bleep] like the Alexis we all know and love.”

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Things between Cameron, Josslyn, Dev and Trina “aren’t going to get less complicated anytime soon,” laughs Van Etten. Meanwhile, Trina’s determination to clear her “late” father’s name could put the quartet in danger when they wind up on the radar of — who else? — Cyrus. • As Brando begins his undercover work, his efforts to help bring down Cyrus could have him crossing paths with a local damsel who may be more in need of rescuing than she’s willing to admit. • Michael and Willow’s future as a couple could be decided by somone who thinks it’s time for the truth about Sasha and Chase’s “affair” to come to light. • Julian may soon recognize that his efforts to be a better man by giving up a life of crime have come at a cost. “You can give up that life,” says O’Connor, “but that life is not going to let you go.” • Jordan’s actions will raise suspicions among several people, including Portia. “Curtis and Jordan will have to decide exactly what to do where Trina’s mom is concerned,” teases O’Connor. “How much can they trust her with?”

Now that you know who’ll be doing what to whom, which upcoming General Hospital story are you most excited to see unfold? Hit the comments to share your thoughts, then visit the gallery below to see which characters we most want to see back in Port Charles, pronto!