Brook Lynn and Valentin hook up on General Hospital
Credit: ABC screenshot

They might not be endgame, but their entertaining tryst has us wanting more. 

When General Hospital returned from the months-long hiatus in August, I was struck with how much fun Valentin was as a single man pulling strings all over town. I also speculated on a pairing between Valentin and Brook Lynn… and that’s exactly what happened this week. In the absence of an actual sex scene, their hook up was as sexy and playful as anticipated. What I didn’t expect, was how entertaining and far-reaching the fallout of their tryst would be.

As the pair lounged around in bed the morning after their romp, Brook Lynn pointed out Valentin is a complicated man who has secrets within secrets. Yet, she said, “It’s weirdly straightforward that you love Nina Reeves and no one else.” Valentin responded that he was in love before Nina. Of this nameless woman, he said, “I don’t think I ever truly fell out of love with her, and I doubt I ever will.”

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When Brook Lynn asked if he could find this person, Valentin said, “I know exactly where she is.” Unless General Hospital is throwing us a curveball, that woman is living in Port Charles and is engaged to one Dr. Hamilton Finn, right? Of course, since he didn’t say Anna’s name, there’s an outside chance Valentin meant someone else. Maybe her twin sister Alex? Or someone from his past he’s never talked about.

Assuming he did mean Anna, the fact that Valentin mentioned her, in addition to their recent scenes regarding the search for Alex, made me wonder if General Hospital would ever go down that road. It would certainly complicate things in regards to Anna’s engagement to Finn, as well as Valentin’s quest to reunite with Nina.

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Speaking of Nina, it was hard to ignore the glee Valentin took over Nina’s jealousy upon seeing him with Brook Lynn. He deduced, with a smirk, that meant she’s not as over him as she claims. Nina might be with Jax right now, but she’s not fooling anyone when it comes to her feelings about her ex-husband.

As for Brook Lynn, Chase seemed bothered upon realizing she spent the night with Valentin. I’ve been advocating for their hook up since the first time she accidentally assaulted him. It feels like an obvious relationship to build, but Chase is still in love with Willow right now. However, she’s married to Michael. The married-for-convenience couple may have decided to get an annulment, but both Willow and Michael seem to be drawn to each other. That means Chase could have to move on for real. Who better to do that with than Brook Lynn?

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Then, there’s Brook Lynn’s father. Ned’s volatile reaction to her spending the night with Valentin served to widen the divide between father and daughter. Drama is likely to continue on that front, especially if BLQ ends up pregnant, as fans on social media are already speculating about.

Before heading down from their hotel room to flaunt their hook up, Brook Lynn told Valentin they couldn’t happen again. But with the potential to shake up so much of the canvas, not to mention the sexy chemistry they share, I certainly hope they do. How about you? Look through the photo gallery of Valentin’s time in Port Charles and then tell us below.

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