General Hospital's 2020 Halloween episode

Port Charles gets spooky right in time for Halloween.

On the Thursday October 29 episode of General Hospital, an impending storm approaches Port Charles just as Halloween is in full swing. Trina and Joss, who have unknowingly been manipulated along with Cam by a jealous Dev, meet up with Cameron and Dev at Charlie’s. Dev has planted doubts in both Joss and Cam’s heads after they kissed at Homecoming, trying to make them believe the other wants to just go back to being friends. From Charlie’s they head out to a Halloween party.

However, Julian, who is in his own world of trouble as Ryan Chamberlain has Nelle’s letter spilling all the goods on him about the baby switch, notices someone is following the kids. And it’s not just any old someone, but someone wearing a mask. Julian senses something is wrong and confronts the individual. Now we don’t know who it is but suspect it could be Taggert who simply wants to keep an eye on Trina. An even more shocking twist would be if it was Nelle, who viewers are positive isn’t really dead.

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Over at the Metro Court, Carly is stunned when Cyrus brings someone very familiar to dine with him at the restaurant. It could be Brando, who he has recruited to work for him, not realizing Brando is reporting back to Sonny. However, Curtis knows Cyrus has a secret someone stashed in a house that he seems very protective of. And finally, Finn and Anna’s plans to take Violet trick-or-treating hit a snag when Finn is called into the hospital. This leaves Anna alone, unaware that a particular evil threat is waiting for her. We are going to take a stab and say it’s her sister Alex, who according to Valentin, wants Anna dead!

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General Hospital does Halloween up in spooky fashion every year. In 2019, Lulu and Dustin, dressed as Burt and Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins, chaperoned the kids’ Halloween dance where Cam and Joss got drunk. And The Metro Court hosted a costume party for the adults, which was crashed by a man in a mask and dark cloak, who turned out to be Nikolas back from the dead. 2018 was one for the books as sociopath and serial killer Ryan Chamberlain walked the streets of Port Charles, pretending to be his twin brother Kevin, and killed nurse Mary Pat Ingles. He then stashed her decapitated head in the apple-bobbing barrel at The Floating Rib where a Halloween party was underway. In 2017, while the teens attended another Halloween party, the holiday was crashed by Patient 6, the real Jason Morgan, who was back in Port Charles.

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