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The stage certainly looks like it’s being set for the superspy to pay his friends and family a visit.

Lately, it’s seemed like every other day, General Hospital is making our jaws drop. If it’s isn’t “OMG, Britt’s back — and the new chief of staff?!?” it’s “What a relief — Holly’s alive!” or “Whoa, Obrecht is behind Dante’s new mission?” And we’ve thrilled to each and every shock. But there’s one twist of plot that we’re so eagerly anticipating that we’ll actually be crushed if it doesn’t come to pass: Jack Wagner’s return as Frisco Jones.

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It’s been almost seven years since the actor last played Felicia’s ex, the current head of the WSB. And though Wagner’s kept busy with primetime’s When Calls the Heart and his Hallmark movies, we can’t help thinking that somewhere in these strange, strange days, he could find a hole in his schedule to spend a few months allowing Frisco to reconnect with his nearest and dearest in Port Charles. And for our money, there’s never been a better time for him to do so. Why?

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“Sup, Maxie? You seem… distant.”

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His Daughter’s Marrying a Supervillain.

Given the way that he ran out on Maxie after Felicia rejected him in 2013, Frisco probably hasn’t received any Father’s Day cards since then. So if nothing else, he should come home for her wedding — aka the can’t-miss train wreck of the year! — to try to make amends by offering to give away the bride — or, if she prefers, let Mac do so; Frisco’d have to be flexible on that point.

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Once in Port Charles, the secret agent could disclose to Robert and Spinelli that he’s not really in town for the nuptials, he’s in town to stop them — because he’s got what so far no one has been able to obtain: proof that groom Peter is every bit the bad guy that father Faison was. But Frisco, not wanting to further alienate his daughter, would present his evidence to Anna in hopes that she’ll do what she must and lower the boom. What he wouldn’t know, though, is that he was actually handing over the incriminating intel to her twin — Peter’s biological mother, Alex! So ultimately, Frisco’s attempt to protect his daughter without her knowledge could backfire — and land them both in jeopardy — thanks to a case of mistaken identity.

gh sonny

“So, uh, does Port Charles U offer beginner’s courses in actually selling coffee?”

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The Mob’s Grip on Port Charles Is Tightening.

Sonny who? At this point, it’s Cyrus who’s calling the (gun)shots around Port Charles. We could imagine a scenario in which the Mob boss, emboldened by the lack of tangible resistance to his control, abducts his nemeses and lines them all up like ducks in a shooting gallery. As he’s about to give the order to his henchmen to open fire, Sonny, Carly, Jason, Jordan, Brando… one by one, they all flinch… only for Frisco to bust in with the WSB, saving their butts and revealing that Port Charles’ underworld is over. His agency has raided every illegal operation in town — including a certain coffee-importing business. However, if Sonny wanted to buy it back — and run it as a legit company — he’d be more than welcome to. So in one fell swoop, it would turn out that Frisco was “all I need” to bring down the Mafia and give Sonny what he never dreamed he’d possess: a clean slate.

Nancy Lee Grahn gh alexis open door

“My policy on men that look like you, Mr. Jones, is… open-door.”

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He’d Be a Fantastic New Love Interest for Alexis.

We wouldn’t break up Felicia and Mac for all the beer at the Floating Rib. So this time around, we’d have Frisco point his million-dollar smile in the direction of someone new: Alexis. At first, she wouldn’t know what to make of him, drawn as she usually is to anti-heroes and actual villains. But she wouldn’t be able to ignore for long that he’s a lotta fun — and like her, carries more baggage than would fit in an entire plane’s worth of overhead compartments. Still, once (or a hundred times) bitten, twice shy, Alexis would deny the attraction.

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At that point, Frisco would get called into a new adventure — to locate Spencer and the missing Ice Princess before the hormonal teen could work out his adolescent angst by creating a weather machine to rival great grandfather Mikkos’. Off Frisco would go, taking with him a reluctant Alexis as an expert in all things Cassadine. (She is one, it’s easy to forget.) Before you know it, their push/pull would come to resemble that of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone, and a new supercouple would be born.

What do you think? Isn’t it time for Frisco to come back? While you contemplate, perhaps you’d enjoy perusing the below photo gallery, which runs down a list of other General Hospital favorites that we want to return. Yes, it’s a long list. Yes, we’re greedy. Yes, we admit it. Any further questions?