Kristian Alfonso, Rebecca Staab or Crystal Chappell could play Elizabeth's mother on General Hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson, John Paschal, Howard Wise/JPI; Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

These soap opera alums could perfectly fill out the long-awaited role of Elizabeth’s mother.

General Hospital’s Elizabeth Webber has been in Port Charles since 1997. She’s part of the legacy Webber and Hardy families, yet, the audience has never seen her with either of her parents. It’s been a major bone of contention for many fans over the years, as they watch characters who haven’t been on the canvas as long get whole families. For example, we’re thrilled Finn’s backstory is finally getting filled in with the additions of Kim Delaney as his stepmother and Gregory Harrison recast as his father, but why can’t Elizabeth get the same treatment?

When Hayden came to town and it was revealed she and Elizabeth were sisters, there was hope they’d reintroduce their father Jeff. That didn’t happen. Then, soap opera alum James DePaiva was cast as a doctor and many speculated he would turn out to be Dr. Webber. Alas, he was cast as the sexual-harassing Dr. Bensch instead. Her mother, Carolyn Webber, has never been on the horizon.

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With actors Delaney and Harrison recently cast on the ABC soap, as well as numerous other actors who have joined daytime after a successful primetime career, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for Richard Dean Anderson to reprise his role of Jeff Webber. But what about Elizabeth’s mother? Carolyn has never been seen. Jeff met, married, and had children with her offscreen. Then they left their kids with friends in Colorado while they went off to save the world as doctors.

Just because we’ve never seen Carolyn doesn’t mean we can’t meet her now. Carolyn could finally get to know the daughter she barely knows and meet her three grandchildren. We have several ideas for soap opera alums who could fill her shoes. One of whom already has a connection to the General Hospital canvas which would make it all the more fun.

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