Peter Maxie wedding nobody wants
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Fans might finally get exactly what they’ve been begging for.

We heard you, General Hospital fans. When Peter got down on one knee to accept Maxie’s proposal, it was, to quote Star Wars, like “a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out.” And those voices were shouting, in unison, “Nooo!” Because if there is a fan out there who has been cheering this couple’s union, we have yet to meet them.

Which is, of course, why we can’t wait for their wedding. You might be asking if we’re crazy — you certainly wouldn’t be the first — but hear us out. Unless we miss our mark, this wedding is going to be one you definitely want to RSVP “yes” to. Because as far as we’re concerned, the Peter/Maxie wedding has all the trademarks of a big, splashy, messy-as-you-know-what disaster. It will be the kind of social face-plant we wouldn’t wish on our best friend… but also wouldn’t dream of missing.

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If ever there was an event destined to go awry, it is this one. The cards have been stacked against Peter and Maxie pretty much from the beginning, largely because of his own double dealing. Time and again, Maxie has looked at her beau with stars in her eyes and talked about how much he’s changed, giving him the perfect opportunity to come clean. Instead, he has compounded his past sins by committing new ones.

While no date has been set for their nuptials, we’d bet our eyeteeth (despite not knowing exactly what they are or how much they might be worth) that it will take place during the upcoming November sweeps period. We’ll even double down on that by suggesting that with Anna refusing to take off her rose-colored glasses where Peter is concerned, we could even get a double wedding for the British beauty, her nephew/son and their respective would-be mates!

Now, let’s just take a moment to contemplate all the ways in which this wedding could go spectacularly wrong. First, there are the potential wedding crashers. Obviously, if Alex really is Peter’s mother, she might delight in showing up to witness the nuptials. Oh, not out of any warm-and-fuzzy feelings toward her offspring but rather to rip the proverbial rug right out from under Anna’s feet by revealing the truth at that most crucial of moments.

Finn confronts Anna and Peter on General Hospital

“A double wedding? What a lovely idea! Doesn’t that sound fun, Finn? Hello? Finn?”

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Of course, it’s downright awkward to show up at a wedding without a plus-one, so let’s ramp this drama up a bit by imagining Alex walking into the church with a little arm candy by her side… in the form of the not-as-dead-as-rumored Drew! Seem like a stretch? We might have said so as well a few months back. But somewhere along the line, General Hospital stole Big Brother‘s “expect the unexpected” motto. Why shouldn’t Billy MIller’s Drew follow such recent returnees as Britt, Dante, Holly and Jackie?

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That said, there need not be a single crasher for this wedding to implode. Obrecht — with an unwanted assist from Dante — has been working hard to bring down Peter. The twisted doc would be thrilled to deliver to longtime rival Anna an unwanted wedding gift in the form of a Peter-busting dossier. You want good soapy drama? Imagine Anna having to arrest her son on the day he’s set to start his new life with Maxie.

Finally, there’s the tag team of Spinelli and Robert, who’ve also been working hard to unearth Peter’s many secrets. As much as the guys would hate to hurt Anna and Maxie, doing so would finally open the eyes of the women… possibly even to the possibility that the men they’re meant to be with are the ones who’ve been right there in front of them the whole time.

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Remember how adorable these two were before they went their separate ways?

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As you can see, there are a whole lot of different ways that Peter and Maxie’s wedding could turn into the (anti)social event of the season. And since pretty much all of them involve Peter finally having his true colors revealed, you can bet we’ll be sitting in the back row, whispering to all of you, “Well, it’s about dang time!”

Now that we’ve laid out several scenarios we’d love to see unfold at Peter and Maxie’s wedding, hit the comments to tell us what you’d like to see happen. Then visit the photo gallery below to relive some of the most unexpected wedding moments to ever unfold on soaps, including a few that we still can’t believe actually happened!