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We’re not prone to laughing at others… unless they’re also laughing at themselves. 

When last week, General Hospital released bloopers which showed the cast goofing both off and up, we were tickled. Not only did it give us a glimpse of our favorite actors making hysterical mistakes while taping our favorite show, but it also gave us a bit of a glimpse behind the scenes. “What,” we asked ourselves, “could be better?”

Having eavesdropped like a soap character, the universe responded, “How about if Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson offer you commentary while watching those bloopers… and then take it a step further by revealing other backstage shenanigans that weren’t saved for posterity?” The resulting episode of That’s Awesome With Steve & Bradford — aka the wildly entertaining vlog hosted by Jason and Spinelli’s portrayers — is like a Christmas gift come early for General Hospital fans. (And it’s one we’re regifting by arranging for you to be able to watch the video below.)

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Appropriately enough, the very first video features Burton’s Jason sharing an intimate moment with Kelly Monaco’s Sam, only to have it interrupted when a director calls “Cut!” because the leading man is sweating profusely. “She is disgusted,” jokes Anderson of Monaco’s reaction. Defending himself, Burton throws himself — and Jason — on the mercy of the court.

“I was in a Russian clinic for five years,” he declares. “No action! I’m back, I’m trying to get some action finally, and they have a friggin’ fire there that’s 127 degrees Fahrenheit!” As the rest of the blooper reel unfurls, Burton and Anderson offer tidbits about not only what’s unfolding but moments that weren’t actually caught on camera. For example, when Wes Ramsey (Peter) finds himself being doused by an unexpected beer fountain, the guys lovingly belittle their fellow actor for being someone who “obviously doesn’t drink beer a lot” before sharing that the non-alcoholic beverages served on the set are downright delicious but extremely foamy.

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During a blooper featuring the tot who plays Wiley trying to insert his hand into the mouth of TV dad Michael, Burton quips, “We all wanna do that to Chad [Duell].” And a sequence in which Jason pummels Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s Shiloh results in Burton and Anderson having a discussion which might make you wonder exactly why spiral staircases seem so popular on soaps.

After watching the above video, visit the comments to tell us which hysterical moment was your favorite. Then check out the gallery below in which we share downright stunning pictures featuring some of General Hospital and all of daytime’s most beautiful leading ladies.