General Hospital Spoiler Video Jackie Warns Chase
Credit: Image: ABC screenshot

A stern warning about friendly fire.

In the General Hospital weekly spoiler video for October 12 – 16, a blackmailed Ava visits Ryan in prison. She tells him that she’s sure he appreciates her desire for revenge. The camera pans to a shot of Nikolas kissing Liz in the park, which viewers know was a setup by Liz and Franco to repay Ava and Nikolas’ playing games with their marriage. However, now that Ava has seemingly fallen for Nikolas, and Ryan wants her to leave him, we are left wondering if Ava’s words to the maniac could have unintended consequences for others. Lulu is stunned to find Dante at her front door this week, right after she just told Dustin she loves him and asked him to move in. The announcer ominously teases, “Relationships will be tested…” And as Mac grills his brother Robert about what his problem is with Peter, it appears Peter, down on one knee, is proposing to Maxie. Of course, he has no idea Dante is back in town, on a mission from Obrecht, to expose his lies and plots. And Jackie Templeton, now played by Kim Delaney, warns her son Chase not to get involved in this war, otherwise, he will take friendly fire. Is she speaking of the impending mob war between Sonny and Cyrus? Or perhaps she’s speaking of her strained relationship with Finn?

In a recap of what happened last week on General Hospital, Ryan forced Ava to visit him in Pentonville where he revealed Nelle had sent him the incriminating letter implicating Julian in helping Brad cover up stealing and passing off Sonny’s grandchild as his adopted son. He demanded she divorce Nikolas and continue to visit him weekly. Jackie Templeton returned to Port Charles, lured back by Lulu, who needed her help in exposing Cyrus Renault as a criminal. The real twist came when it was revealed she was Chase’s mother and Finn’s step-mother, who he’s long resented for marrying his father so soon after his own mother’s passing. Ned and Alexis woke after a night of drunken sex, which stands to destroy Ned’s marriage to Olivia. And Anna and Valentin teamed up to lure Alex, who is out to kill Anna, back to Port Charles.

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Video: General Hospital/Twitter