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Credit: Image: ABC

Work is play for the actor who plays Peter.

General Hospital Emmy winner Laura Wright (Carly) made sure that real-life significant other Wes Ramsey (Peter) had a birthday that was truly, ahem, explosive. A day after he turned 43 years old, she posted a picture from their dinner — or, more specifically, their dessert — that made the occasion look as combustible as it was festive. See for yourself below.

“I love celebrating you,” she captioned the shot. In another birthday post, this one full of photos — including one that would definitely win Ramsey any wet T-shirt contest he entered — Wright wrote that life with her boyfriend “is just beautiful” and added enough exclamation points that there could be no doubt that she meant it! “I love being your girl,” she added.

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In response, Ramsey tagged himself a grateful man and wrote he that he loves his and Wright’s “life, with everything. Thank you, baby.”

On October 7, the General Hospital leading man continued counting his blessings. Sharing a post from the ABC soap’s studio, he wrote that “in a year filled with so much turmoil, fear, violence, doubt and heart-wrenching loss, I take the simplest solace, on this day, in being able to wrap myself in this creative space, my happy place, where my imagination can still stretch and breathe… never taking for granted the gift of being here and all I have to be grateful for in my here and now.”

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He added that he’d be marking the occasion by donating to charity “as the number of hungry children [and their parents] continues to grow in this devastating chapter of our history.”

Though Ramsey has had reason to celebrate this week, forces are aligning against him on screen: Obrecht has had the WSB task Dante with getting the goods on father-to-be Peter, and on top of that, there remains a question of whether his mother, Anna, is actually his mother. Should it turn out that her sister, Alex, is really his mom, he’d be devastated. “The struggle to build a connection with Anna has been tenuous at best,” Ramsey previously told “The two of them have worked hard to form some sensitivity and some sense of trust and understanding of who they are to each other. And I believe that has not come easily to Peter at all.

“After all of this work to form a bond and a sense of trust with Anna, the idea that all of that could be ripped out from under him, like everything else in his life has been… is going to be incredibly traumatizing,” he continued. “He has struggled his whole life to have some sense of acceptance.”

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Is Peter really the child of Anna and Faison… or Alex and Faison? On your way to the comments, why not stop off at the photo gallery below, which reveals the real-life friendships between members of the General Hospital cast and more.