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Forget keeping us on the edge of our seats, the ABC soap knocked us clear off the couch with its October 7 jaw-dropper.

General Hospital didn’t just make Robert see stars in Wednesday’s episode, it freakin’ knocked us the heck out, too, with the revelation that Chase’s mother is none other than Jackie Templeton — yes, the same Jackie Templeton with whom Port Charles’ district attorney was once involved and the same Jackie Templeton who was just recast with All My Children vet Kim Delaney (Jenny).

“What does it mean?!?” we couldn’t ask fast enough. We know that there was bad blood for years between half brothers Finn and Chase because the former felt like dad Gregory had betrayed his mom by moving on too quickly after her death and starting a new family. In fact, when Gregory came to Port Charles in need of medical assistance, Finn was quicker to take him to task than he was to take his temperature.

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But over time, Finn and Chase, if not Finn and Gregory, began to bond. It wasn’t the detective’s fault, after all, that his old man hadn’t mourned long enough to suit Finn. So the doctor softened toward his stepbrother. Now, it would appear, all the progress that the guys have made could be in jeopardy. Nothing like throwing a grenade like Jackie into a tranquil pool to make a splash, eh?

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Also worth pondering is whether or not Gregory’s abbreviated grieving period is the only reason Finn was estranged from his father. Could he have been involved with Jackie before his dad? Could she have gotten pregnant by Finn and, rather than complicate the young would-be doctor’s life, extricated herself from it by convincing his pop to pass off baby Chase as theirs? It would have been a cockamamie scheme, to be sure; however, it would certainly cast Gregory in a more sympathetic light, if we were to learn that he put himself in Finn’s past in order to secure his boy’s future. 

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Then there’s that punch with which Jackie greeted ex-lover Robert. Call it a hunch, but we’re guessing that she still isn’t quite over their break-up. Maybe Chase is actually the former WSB agent’s son? Or maybe, much like Finn wore a chip on his shoulder for decades because his dad moved on too fast after his mom’s demise, Jackie’s stayed miffed all these years about how quickly Robert rebounded into a green-card marriage with Holly — a green-card marriage that we probably don’t need to remind you soon turned into the real deal. Since we now know that Emma Samms’ character is no deader than any of Port Charles’ other zombies, it’s impossible to believe that the show isn’t setting the stage for a Jackie/Robert/Holly triangle — with Olivia probably thrown in for good measure.

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Any way the story shakes out, we’re all in, since it clearly means that not only will veteran crowd-pleaser Tristan Rogers be front and center, but we’ll be gaining a whole lot more insight into Finn and Chase’s history. What do you think, General Hospital fans? Have you picked up your jaws off the ground yet? Do you suspect that there’s more to Finn and Jackie’s past than we know? Would you like to see a Jackie/Robert/Holly triangle play out? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which counts down daytime’s 20 greatest love triangles ever.