Ned accuses Olivia of cheating on GH
Credit: Image: ABC Screenshot

Ned and Alexis’ one-night stand will have long-reaching consequences.

On Tuesday’s all-new General Hospital episode, viewers were not surprised to learn that Ned and Alexis shacked up after getting sloshed together and reminiscing about the good times they shared. Ned was feeling rejected by his daughter Brook Lynn and learned Olivia’s phone was left in the honeymoon suite in Monte Carlo where she stayed with Robert, while Alexis was grieving Neil Byrne’s tragic overdose in her bed. The next morning both were suffering the effects of a terrible hangover, and while they agreed to never speak of what happened to anyone, Alexis warned Ned that he would have to figure out how to deal with cheating on his wife Olivia. Of course, there are other things he should be worried about, such as the last man to make love to her in that bed died. Even Nancy Lee Grahn poked fun at this on Twitter. And before her one-night-stand with Ned, Alexis’ portrayer was hoping Sebastian Roche would return to be her character’s boyfriend again on the ABC soap opera.

Ned and Olivia’s marriage has been tested a lot recently. After Valentin Cassadine bought up enough shares to take control of ELQ, Ned was outraged that his own daughter Brook Lynn sold her shares to get out of her recording contract. He threw her out of the Quartermaine mansion and his life, shocking Olivia who felt Ned was putting business above family. When Robert Scorpio arranged for Olivia to visit Dante in the WSB medical facility in Switzerland, Ned was too busy with ELQ business to go with her. She left with Robert, and later the two traveled to Monte Carlo to investigate Holly Sutton’s disappearance where they were shocked to run into Holly’s son Ethan Lovett. Sadly they’ve been led to believe Holly is dead, and don’t know someone is keeping her hostage. However, all of Olivia’s updates to Ned about this adventure were deleted from his cell phone by a vindictive Brook Lynn, who couldn’t forgive her father for how he treated her, especially in the wake of having her throat slashed by Nelle Benson and learning she may never sing again.

With his tail tucked between his legs, Ned finally went home to the Quartermaine mansion where a frantic Olivia, who was finally back in Port Charles, had been worried about him. His guilt must have gotten to him because he immediately accused her of sleeping with Robert. And while she didn’t sleep with Robert, many viewers have noticed undeniable chemistry between the two. They’ve grown very close as friends, and their adventures in Monte Carlo proved they make an excellent team. Even Ethan noticed something going on between them. Robert pointed out to Luke’s son that Olivia was married, but Ethan reminded him that’s never stopped him before. It’s only a matter of time before Ned’s indiscretion is found out. Whether he will come clean with Olivia and beg forgiveness, or she’ll catch him in a lie about his night of drunken lust, things are going to get messy. Ned’s action may push Olivia into Robert’s caring and comforting arms, and some viewers who find Olivia and Ned to be a bore will be there for it if it happens. And how will Brook Lynn factor into this mess? Her purposely deleting texts didn’t help any of these misunderstandings, and Olivia has been there for her during all she’s gone through. General Hospital spoilers tease that next week Ned learns a truth, and Brook Lynn is put on the spot. That truth will likely widen the gap between the father and daughter, who are quickly becoming the next Edward and Tracy of the Quartermaine family.

Of course, there is another issue at hand, and that is the return of Robert’s ex-flame Jackie Templeton (now played by Kim Delaney). It was revealed she’s been pulled into Lulu’s story and attempt to expose Cyrus Renault as a fraud and criminal, but it’s also expected she will play a part in helping Robert uncover the truth about Holly. She could put a thorn in the side of anything happening between Olivia and Robert.

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