GH Teens homecoming screenshot
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She’s one lucky young lady… and knows it.

Over the past few days, General Hospital‘s Josslyn has been on an emotional roller coaster that pretty much every member of the audience can relate to. While we’d like to think that few of us have been kidnapped by mobsters or stolen someone’s DNA to find out if he’s the father of our ill-fated boyfriend, we’ve all gone to dances and wondered if the person we like likes us back.

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So this week, as Joss, Cameron, Dev and Trina headed to the Haunted Star for the big homecoming dance, we were captivated by the quartet, who so perfectly capture the innocence of youth. And thanks to Eden McCoy’s Twitter feed, we got to see a bit of Joss’ big night through the eyes of the actress who brings her to life. For example, that lovely moment when Carly blew a kiss to her daughter, her face glowing? Fans like Julie Bensusan took to Twitter to comment on how it felt like “as much of a Laura [Wright] and Eden moment… as a Carly and Joss moment.”

McCoy couldn’t have agreed more, saying of her TV mom, “I’m so in love with her,” acknowledging that it was “1,000,000 percent real” and, as her corresponding hashtag indicated, #NotActing. Of course, the bond between Wright and her on-screen daughter has long been one valued by both (and one which you can read more about here). But the young actress also shares a deep connection with the cast members who comprise Josslyn’s peer group, William Lipton (Cameron), Sydney Mikayla (Trina) and Ashton Arbab (Dev).

When fan Mary Lynn Eldridge said that working with such “handsome young men” at McCoy’s age would have left her constantly “giggling and blushing,” McCoy admitted that… well, that’s exactly what it’s like on set. “I am constantly giggling and blushing.”

Sure enough, only a few days earlier, McCoy had posted adorable pics of herself with Lipton dressed to the nines and clearly having a blast. Their laughs were so heartfelt and genuine that even the face coverings — worn during rehearsal as part of the safety protocols now in place at General Hospital — couldn’t fully contain their smiles.

It’s not simply her co-stars McCoy appreciates, however. She routinely takes time to thank… well, you. “I wish I could write back to every comment and tell you all how much it means to me that you’re watching and that you care, no matter what you think of the story choices,” she recently tweeted. “We love you all so much!” 

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She also reassured fans that despite her plans to attend the University of Southern California and join its high-regarded volleyball team, there’s still plenty of Port Charles-based drama to come. “I’m going to stay as long as they let me,” tweeted the future class of 2025 member, setting all our minds at ease.

Now, why not hit the comments to tell us whether you think Cam (whom Joss recently kissed) or Dev (who almost confessed his feelings to his faux cousin) is the right guy for Carly’s daughter. Then, check out one place you definitely won’t find McCoy or her alter ego — the below gallery of characters fans love to hate (and sometimes just flat-out hate).