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Credit: Image: State of Mind screenshot

During a State of Mind vlog, he realized that daughter Heather could give birth at any moment.

Years of starring on a daytime drama have certainly taught Maurice Benard a thing or two about how to build suspense. He and daughter Heather were discussing her pregnancy during his October 4 State of Mind vlog when she admitted that her due date had already come and gone. In other words, she could go into labor “at any moment.”

Seizing the opportunity to make some mischief, the General Hospital leading man, who’s played Sonny since 1993, suggested that “I could help you with the baby” and the delivery so that “this thing could go viral” in an instant.

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All kidding aside, Benard was beyond delighted that Heather and husband Phil were expecting. “I’m gonna be a grandfather,” he marveled, adding, “I love babies, I love kids, I love animals… I love life.”

Elsewhere in their candid talk, Benard recalled the day that he and wife Paula asked to adopt a teenage Heather after the death of her mother, his missus’ sister. “I remember having a conversation with [Heather] where I said to her, ‘You got two roads you can go on: You go on this road with your friends, and you’re gonna party and this and that… ’

“I consider that the bad road,” he added. Or Heather could live with him and Paula. “‘We’re gonna give you a great life,'” he remembered saying. “And you chose us.”

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Heather’s never regretted it, either. Even all those years ago, she thought, “I don’t wanna do the party thing, I wanna do the right thing and be good.”

Later, the duo flashed back to the day that Heather asked Paula if she could call her aunt Mom. “I started bawling,” Benard said. “I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen… and then Mom started crying, and you kinda had tears… I think I cried more than anybody.”

Finally, Benard and Heather discussed what it had been like for her to grow up with someone who suffers from mental illness. Heather’s take: It was “interesting — in a good way. I didn’t really live through your breakdowns,” she acknowledged. So for her, “it was like something cool to see an adult go through something and adapt.” A triumph over adversity kinda thing.

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