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Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

The actor’s outspokenness outraged one viewer.

On social media, General Hospital leading man William deVry (Julian) has always practiced transparency in his political views. He’s also maintained an overall tone of respectfulness and restraint. So when a “fan,” whose tweet we won’t post here, lest it throw gasoline on a fire that’s already burning, called for him and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) to be dismissed for their candor, he responded with pointed wit.

First, since the “fan” hadn’t actually called for deVry and Grahn to be axed but capital-D DeVry and Nancy Lee Graham, he tweeted, “Please spell my name correctly when you try to get me fired.” Then he explained exactly how to do so: “OK. So it’s William deVry. No space, small d, capital V.”

Later, the actor drolly shared that he was “so excited to go to work with Nancy Graham on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., etc.”

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As you’d expect, many a General Hospital viewer leapt to the co-stars’ defense. “You are the reason I started watching [the show] again after 20 years,” tweeted jennamac111. “Totally worth it.”

Added spfkeith: “This General Hospital fan of 38 years would stop watching if they fired you. You’re one of the best actors on the show right now and one of the best I’ve seen in 38 years.”

“I love you and ‘Nancy Graham,'” chimed in mamamatthews1. The network “should know [you] are assets both on and off the set!”

On screen, the castmates could be headed for a reunion, what with deVry’s character being single and Grahn’s being… well, we all know what happened to poor Neil. (Although some of Joe Flanigan’s admirers are hoping get the ill-fated shrink resurrected — and heaven knows, in Port Charles, of all places, it could happen.) Julian is also being drawn, however reluctantly, into Cyrus’ web, since it was the malevolent mobster who gave him an alibi for the night that Martin was attacked.

For her part, Grahn recently celebrated 25 years as Alexis and seized the opportunity to thank the audience for its passion and devotion. “It is because of your kindness, love and loyalty,” she wrote, “that I still want to act for you.” She also reconnected with former General Hospital leading man Sebastian Roché (ex-Jerry) on Twitter and jokingly beseeched him to “come back [to the show] and be my boyfriend again.” Yeah, no way will Alexis be without a love interest for very long.

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