Jax, Nina, and Carly with Joss at Jax's place General Hospital
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Now is the time to pray.

In the General Hospital weekly spoiler video for the week of October 5 – 9, Sonny asks Carly what the big secret is. Faces flash … Chase, Sam, Jason, Dante … The announcer lets the audience know, “Everything is about to change!” An astonished Nina gasps, “Oh my God!” to Jax. Carly is stunned, Valentin suggests it’s time to start praying, and Kim Delaney returns as Jackie Templeton.

Before a new week begins, let’s take a look at some highlights from this week’s General Hospital… Martin Gray was mugged and had his briefcase stolen by none other than Julian Jerome, who was after the incriminating letter Nelle left revealing his part in Wiley’s baby switch. Unfortunately, she left Martin a fake letter and sent the real one to her psycho-bestie Ryan Chamberlain in Pentonville. After being blamed for Neil’s death by his brother at his memorial, Alexis got drunk with Ned at The Floating Rib. The two reminisced about their past relationship, seemingly kissed a few times, and decided it was too early for them to stop partying. Lulu continued her quest to bring Cyrus Renault down, and Robert gave her the perfect idea on how to do so. Nina, Jax, Carly and Sonny helped Joss get ready for the dance, and Sonny thanked Jax for helping Carly out with the Nelle situation. Finally, Nina was stunned to learn Nelle was dead.

Read the General Hospital spoilers to learn who presents an apology, who is moving in together, and who makes a life-changing decision.

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