Obrecht uses Dante against Peter on GH
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Obrecht is back for her sweet revenge.

Viewers were delighted to see Kathleen Gati resume the role of Dr. Liesl Obrecht at the end of Monday’s September 28 episode of General Hospital. In a complete surprise, the doctor who was last seen being hauled off to Steinbauer after Peter framed her for all his crimes, is now at the WSB hospital in Switzerland and the one giving the orders to Dante’s doctor regarding his new mission as he returns to Port Charles to bring down Peter August.

In case you need a reminder, Peter was forced to cover his tracks when it turned out Shiloh knew it was Peter who was integral in kidnapping Drew Cain in Afghanistan to deliver to Helena Cassadine so she could swap him and his twin brother Jason Morgan out for one another, after implanting Jason’s memories in Drew. Peter had let everyone believe his father Faison was the mastermind and he was only his aid. To cover his tracks Peter arranged for Drew’s plane to go down and attempted to have a hitman murder Franco, who had Drew’s memories implanted in him, along with Andre Maddox, who pioneered the memory transfer process. In the end, Peter killed the hitman, looking like a hero. He then framed Obrecht for all of his recent crimes, making it appear she was Faison’s right-hand woman all those years ago and was desperate to cover her tracks and save the newly reformed life she had built for herself. Before she was taken away, she vowed to make Peter pay… and now she is.

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Dante, who has been clicker trained like a dog to respond with “I must complete the mission” to the double click of his doctor’s ballpoint pen, is currently en route to Port Charles. His mission, which he’s chosen to accept, is to find proof that Peter is not as reformed as he’s claimed to be and to determine if his mother Anna Devane has been helping him pull off his scam. Viewers know that Anna found a link between Peter and the hitman he hired to take out Franco and Andre, and she kept that information from Robert Scorpio who has been trying to bring Peter down since he arrived in Port Charles. So not only is Obrecht getting her revenge on Peter, she could get the added bonus of destroying her nemesis, Anna, as well. As for how Obrecht got herself out of Steinbauer and ingratiated herself in with the WSB, we can only speculate someone in the supermax prison listened to her theories about Peter. And the WSB probably is pretty interested in knowing if one of their top agents has compromised herself to cover her son’s crimes.

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As for Dante, his mission is certain to face some problems, namely, he’s likely to be rattled to find his ex-wife Lulu shacking up with Port Charles’ high school teacher, and all-around good guy, Dustin Phillips. We’re hoping Dante’s doctor makes the trip to Port Charles to keep him focused on the mission at hand, but we are looking forward to seeing how Lulu will deal with her ex being back in town. Who will she choose to be with? It should also be interesting to see if Lulu, or Dante’s parents Sonny and Olivia, notice any out of the ordinary behavior in Dante. As for how Dante will bring down Peter, he’ll likely find help from Robert and Damian Spinelli, who are already trying to prove Peter to be a louse. Unfortunately, Peter has his fair share of deluded defenders who believe in him, including Lulu who works under him at The Inquisitor. Even if Dante and team are able to expose Peter, the fact that Lulu’s bestie Maxie Jones is pregnant with his child throws a monkey wrench into things. Peter may go down, but he won’t be entirely out of the picture because of that child. And let’s face it, nobody stays in prison forever in Port Charles. Then there is Anna, who has shown she’s capable of doing what’s necessary to protect Peter. We are hoping this storyline will finally bring her twin Alex back to Port Charles and we learn whether or not Peter is Anna’s child, or Alex’s, and Anna simply has Alex’s memories of seducing Faison and giving birth to Peter. Many fans, we included, think Peter is Alex’s child. Even if he is Alex’s child, we don’t expect Anna to give up on Peter. She’s made it clear nothing will change the fact that she feels like she’s his mother.

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Finally, there is the looming question of where in the world Holly Sutton is and who is holding her hostage. Peter had his men following Holly and trying to use her to create a distraction to keep Robert’s mind off his criminal past when Holly suddenly was presumed dead. We the viewers know she’s not, but someone wants everyone to believe so and is keeping her a prisoner. Could Obrecht be behind this too? And if so, for what purpose? Or is Holly’s dilemma completely unrelated to this storyline?

We can’t wait to see how this all pans out and want to know your thoughts. Join the discussion below and let us know what you are hoping to see come from this storyline.

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