GH fall preview collage 2020
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Get ready, because what’s ahead in the coming weeks will change everything! 

Talk about raising the stakes! Over the past few weeks, every time we turned around, General Hospital was surprising us with a return (Ethan! Obrecht!), hitting us with a twist (Holly’s alive!) or flat-out teasing us (Brenda sure is being talked about a lot lately!). Things have been so insane in Port Charles that we had to check the calendar to make sure we hadn’t somehow Rip Van Winkled our way into November! If this is what a random week in September looks like, what will the always action-packed sweeps weeks hold in store?

With that question looming large, let’s take a look at what we know’s about to unfold in the coming days and offer up our theories as to what’s on the horizon between now and Thanksgiving!

Cyrus Is Going Down!

We have to give it to Lulu: Unlike most soap reporters, she recognizes the difference between a local and national (or even international) audience. So while she wants nothing more than to use the power of the pen (or, in this case, computer) to bring the truth about Cyrus to light, she’s smart enough to realize that doing so in a small-town newspaper isn’t going to do the trick. Who better to help than investigative journalist Jackie Templeton… who just happens to be Robert’s ex? (A not-for-nothing side note: Had things played out differently between Jackie and Luke, Lulu might never have been born!)

Meanwhile, a major question was left hanging in the air when Laura left town a few weeks ago: Why is Cyrus so interested in Mayor Collins and her family? (Also waiting to be answered: When will Kevin’s much-loved Mrs. return? We miss her!) Could her extended absence be key to bringing down the hospital’s unwanted (by most) benefactor? While General Hospital has a habit of turning made men into heroes — just ask Sonny, Jason, Julian and, for equality’s sake, Ava — it seems likely that Cyrus will not follow a similar route. A far more likely scenario involves Cyrus finding out the hard way that Port Charles is only big enough for one mobster. Three at most.

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Dante’s In for a Nasty Surprise!

Sorry, Peter, but now that Dante’s been tasked with exposing your secrets, we’re openly cheering him on. We know it’ll be devastating for Maxie when the blinders are finally ripped from her eyes and she sees the truth about her babydaddy, but it’s so far overdue that the chickens coming home to roost are three generations removed from the ones who first set out on the journey. If we’re lucky, perhaps Peter’s removal from the picture will allow Spinelli and Maxie to finally take the wedding portrait they opted out of at their 2010 non-nuptials. (Sorry, Ellie, but we’ve waited a long time for this particular “I do”-over!)

Dante and Lulu fight on GH

Speaking of Dante, he’ll soon be reunited with his loved ones, but not necessarily in the way fans might hope. Absence may have made some hearts grow fonder, but he’ll continue to keep everyone at arm’s length… or at least try to! Look for things to get incredibly complicated, especially after Lulu asks Hot Dustin to move in with her!

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Relationships in Crisis!

Even before Olivia jetted off to Monte Carlo, she and Ned weren’t in the best of places. That situation has only gotten worse thanks to her recent adventure, Brook Lynn’s manipulations and Ned — how should we put this — “reconnecting” with Alexis! In the coming weeks, look for Alexis to have more than a few regrets about the way things have unfolded, and we’re not just talking about those drinks she threw back at the Floating Rib! If, as viewers suspect, there was more to Neil’s death than meets the eye, that info could help get Alexis’ derailed life back on track, but only if it comes to light before she manages to take a bad situation and make it worse! As for Ned and Olivia’s marriage, look for Brook Lynn to play a big part in what’s next for the troubled couple, although perhaps not in the way you might think!

Elizabeth Webber & Franco Baldwin on General Hospital

Over at the Webber/Baldwin home, we can’t help but worry about Liz and Franco. Their plot to con a little money out of Ava and Nikolas was brilliant (even if Liz clearly had a few issues with the way things went down). But sometimes, actions have unintended consequence. Did the fake kisses Liz and Franco shared with Nikolas and Ava, respectively, stir up real emotions between the foursome? It seems very likely, for two reasons. First, there’s the fact that the liplocks were preceded by some pretty intense conversations which, while for show on the parts of Franco and Elizabeth, couldn’t help but reveal some deeply-held truths about their past connections to their respective marks. And second… it’s a soap, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from decades of watching daytime dramas, it’s that a kiss is never just a kiss! So when Elizabeth spends some time reminiscing next week, we can’t help but wonder if it will be about her husband… or her ex!

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Turning Points, Dead Ahead!

For Michael and Willow, what started as a marriage of convenience has slowly become something more. And certainly on paper, they look like the perfect pair. However, even as they’re slowly starting to explore the possibility of being more than simply married co-parents, the truth neither is aware of is bubbling ever closer to the surface. With Sasha’s coke habit rapidly spiraling out of control, and Chase unable to look at Willow without hearts shooting from his eyes, it’s only a matter of time before one of them admits that their ”affair” was as much for show as Michael’s insta-marriage. When Willow makes a major life-changing decision next week, will it result in happily ever afters or broken hearts?

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Elsewhere, TJ and Molly are inching closer to their wedding — sorry, domestic partnership commitment ceremony. But her big ol’ secret about having slept with Brando after mistakenly believing her beau had ghosted her is still haunting her. It doesn’t help that TJ has now decided to become not only Brando’s best buddy but his dating coach… completely failing to notice that every time he mentions setting Brando up with one of Molly’s friends, she acts as if her guy suggested they eat somewhere other than Kelly’s (heaven forbid!).

Also in for a complicated fall are Joss and her pals. Sure, it’s all fun and games when they’re planning to hang out as a quartet at the homecoming dance as opposed to doing the whole “date” thing. But there’s only so long that Cameron’s going to be able to continue keeping his true feelings for Joss under wraps… and he might not be the only one who’s crushing on a friend! Watch for Joss to come up with what she thinks is a pretty awesome plan, only to have the fates prove just how wrongheaded her thinking was!

Carly Sonny Hypocrites

Finally, of the many stories waiting to explode this fall, there’s perhaps the biggest of all: the fallout from Nelle’s death. From the beginning, we’ve firmly believed that the vixen’s fateful fall from that cliff was only the beginning of the story. Now that her body’s been found — as we’ve been repeatedly told — “on the Pennsylvania side of the river,” expect things to get very messy, very quickly. Jax and Carly’s decision to lie about what really happened that night will undoubtedly have huge consequences and far-reaching ramifications. And perhaps the biggest mystery yet to be solved involves not the circumstances surrounding Nelle’s death but what hell will be unleashed by the smiley-face-covered letter she sent to Kevin’s serial-killer sibling, Ryan!

Which of the stories set to unfold this fall are you most excited about? Hit the comments to tell us what you think could, should and will happen! And since so many people have been popping up unexpectedly of late, why not peruse the gallery below to see who we’d love to see return to General Hospital next!