SORASing General Hospital kids
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Reignited feuds, star-crossed love, and dramatic fallout in wake of potential SORASing.

Aside from an Avery sighting on General Hospital, the kids on soap operas are currently all off-camera, presumably due to the new health and safety protocols. You know what could solve that problem? If they all came down with Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. Many a character has been affected by it, often when a young character goes off to boarding school and comes back a teenager or a full-fledged adult. Their real-time ages never make sense, but suspending disbelief is all part of the gig for a soap opera fan. However, it can make sense to age the children of beloved characters if it creates impactful story. Therefore, we thought of a couple of General Hospital children whose SORASing could bring them back onscreen while creating a whole lot of conflict for their parents.

The first storyline that comes to mind where SORASing could add tons of drama is aging Leo Falconeri. He is the son of Olivia Falconeri, but also former mobster Julian Jerome. Can you imagine if Leo started dating Sonny Corinthos’ stepdaughter Joss? Not only does Joss’ stepdad Sonny hate Julian (and vice versa), but Joss’ bio-dad Jax hates mobsters in general. It’s a classic story of warring families and star-crossed love, but it could also be a storyline that brings Sonny and Jax together toward a common goal—keeping the kids apart.

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Olivia picks up Leo from Julian GH

Aging Leo as well as his cousin Avery could also finally give Jerome siblings Julian and Ava children who accept them for who they are—dark side and all. Should they embrace their mobster roots and get into trouble themselves, Leo and Avery could inadvertently bring their parents back into the game, once again pitting them against Avery’s father Sonny. The ripple effects could be far-reaching, as, considering their combined extended families, the Jerome kids are linked to practically everyone in town.

Franco and Aiden bake

Then there are the Webber kids. An older Jake might have an explosive reaction to fully understanding his beloved step-dad Franco’s past as well as what his biological father Jason does for a living. Meanwhile, a revisit to Aiden’s sexual orientation could be explored as a teen. Since some of this has been covered already, it might be nice to see an older Aiden comfortable with and accepted for who is he is, whether as a member of the LGBTQ community or just a sensitive straight boy who reveals who he likes or doesn’t like as he goes. It’d also be a good time to bring Lucky back as Aiden grapples with his own daddy issues.

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Jason, Danny and Monica at Kelly's on General Hospital

If Jake’s going to be SORASed, they should probably age his half-brother Danny as well. Maybe the boys become good friends. Maybe they feud on behalf of what they know or are learning about their parents’ tortured pasts. For instance, Jake’s step-father Franco did make Danny’s mom Sam think he raped her. Not to mention, Elizabeth and Sam have both gone to great lengths to keep Jason away from the other. It’s a lot of history to unpack which could even lead them to blame their father Jason for it all. Danny’s half-sister Scout could also get in on the angst should she blame Jason or Franco for her father Drew’s decision to leave town to his presumed death.

What do you think? Should General Hospital start aging their younger characters to further mine all the soapy drama between their parents? Or would you rather watch the kids grow up naturally over the years? Look through our gallery of actors and characters we did witness grown into adults and then sound off below!

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