general hospital tracy alexis mashup
Credit: Images: Jill Johnson/JPI, Howard Wise/JPI

Since beggars can’t be choosers, we’ll just content ourselves with knowing that a couple of former castmates managed to get together for a while.

On September 24, General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) posted to Instagram a photo of herself with a mystery woman that fans were quick to identify as the one and only Jane Elliot (ex-Tracy).

“Guess who came by,” the Emmy winner wrote, “to give me a necklace today” — one bearing an ultra-important message, too. Grahn added that her followers needn’t worry about either of their health; “we got this close for [pics] for three seconds only.”

Ever since Elliot retired in 2017 after more than four decades (on and off) in Port Charles, the ABC soap’s audience has been clamoring for her return. And after she granted their wish and came back for a short stint around the holidays, they’ve been hoping against hope that she’ll do so again. Hey, at least it’s good to know she’s still in touch with her former colleagues!

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As for Grahn, she’s been busy, as she put it on Instagram, “advocating my 64-year-old tush for osteoporosis awareness. Women over 50 are at risk. Society [is] not kind to women [when it comes to] aging issues, so we must be kind to each other. Talk about it, learn about it. Don’t deny age, honor it.”

She also discussed the issue in a free-wheeling exclusive interview with — a video Q&A session that covered a range of topics including why she strongly advises potential leading men not to walk but run in the opposite direction. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch here.

On September 26, Grahn tweeted, “Wow! I start my 25th year on General Hospital today. What a ride. It’s been one of my greatest pleasures to be connected to and supported by such a beautiful, loving, loyal General Hospital audience.

“We are and have always been in this together,” she continued. “I hope you can feel my most sincere virtual hug.”

Thanks, Nancy — much-needed. Now then, since you’re visiting and clearly in the mood to visit Port Charles, why not check out the below photo gallery of General Hospital’s 30 greatest characters of all time. (Spoiler alert: Tracy and Alexis are both on it!)