Kristina sports The Gap. (

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH‘s Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Marni O: Was the wig Robin wore in her Planet Sexy outfit the same as the one used by the bass player in the Stephen Clay experience on Port Charles?

A: Not sure about the wig.

Milana A: I was wondering where you got the jacket Robin wore on October 12.

A: Robin’s coat is from BEBE.

Catherine B: Can you please tell me about the cardigan Liz wore on October 19 & 20?

A: Liz’s cardigan is by Guess.

Ashley L: Can you tell me who designed the beautiful fuchsia halter dress that Maxie wore on October 12 when helping Robin “spice up” her marriage?

A: Maxie’s dress was by Catherine Malendrino.

Wren M: On Oct. 13 and 14, Sam had on a pair of killer black ankle boots. My niece is lusting after them, and her birthday is coming up. What can you tell me about them that would help me locate a pair? (Also, could you settle a bet between us on how high the heels are? There’s a week’s worth of double lattes riding on it.)

A: Sam’s boots are by Report from Zappos. (Sorry no word on how high they are.)

Maria G & Brianne P: I am dying to know where you got the gorgeous maroon tank Olivia wore on October 14 when she approached Dante about being released from the Corinthos case.

A: Olivia’s tank is by American Rag from Macy’s.

Brenda T: Where can I purchase jewelry worn on the show by Helena and Tracy?

A: We get most of the costume jewelry from Nordstroms and Bloomies.

Casey B: Where did Lulu’s black and purple clutch come from that she was carrying on October 13 & 14?

A: Lulu’s clutch is from Arden B.

Marcella D: Where can I purchase the black top with sheer sleeves Sam wore on October 14?

A: Sam’s cashmere ribbed jersey was from Kimberly Ovitz.

Kristen P: I was wondering if you could please tell me who makes the black trench coat Carly was wearing when she went into labor in Jake’s parking lot.

A: Carly’s black trench coat was from White House Black Market.

Andrea R, Carolyn C, Sarah F, Sarah M & Monica W: Can you tell me the designer of Sam’s top on October 15? It is grey, and is off one shoulder.