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General Hospital should keep the surprise casting coming.

We’ve already posted a photo gallery musing on which characters we’d like to see return to General Hospital. Of the ten, two already returned—Britt Westbourne and Holly Sutton. The latter of which was suspected, but unconfirmed, making her reappearance all the more exciting. Before them, Dante Falconeri came back right off the bat when the show returned from hiatus, then, Taggert turned up alive. They didn’t stop there, as Ethan Lovett and Courtney Matthews appeared in the same episode. All these exciting casting moves got us thinking about who else should pop back up. So, we came up with a few more suggestions.

There are several candidates we’ve lobbed around for which General Hospital villain the mystery hand belongs to that is holding Holly hostage. Helena Cassadine, Cesar Faison, and Cassandra Pierce are just a couple possibilities. We’d welcome any of these glorious Port Charles villains back. We’d also relish a visit from Ric Lansing, Lorenzo Alcazar, or Jerry Jacks.

To continue with the Holly/Ethan return thread though, why not have Luke Spencer pop in for a couple of episodes to reunite with his son, long lost love, and best friend? We’re pretty sure Anthony Geary wouldn’t reprise the role long term, but he did make a brief appearance when his onscreen wife made her Port Charles exit. This leads us to want Tracy Quartermaine to grace us with her presence again. While we’re at it, why not bring Lucky Spencer back with his dad?

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Since the storyline is tied to the WSB, Frisco Jones could also make his way back home to help solve the case. Maybe along with Holly, Duke Lavery is being held prisoner as well. He’d certainly throw a wrench in Anna Devane’s engagement to Dr. Finn.

There are tons of possibilities for more exciting returnees. Take a look through our updated gallery of characters we want to see in Port Charles again and give us your dream surprises below.

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