general hospital holly hostage suspects
Credit: Images: ABC screenshot (2), ChrisD/JPI, Howard Wise/JPI

“You bastard!” the heroine cried at the end of the September 18 episode. “Let me out of here!” But at whom was she yelling?

As the September 18 episode of General Hospital drew to a close, one of Rudge’s casino associates placed a call to a mysterious… someone — a someone who was watching several video monitors, one of which revealed that Holly was alive and well, if being held captive at an undisclosed location. Once we picked our jaws up off the floor following the revelation that Robert’s lost love wasn’t nearly as dead as he — and we! — had been led to believe, we began circling over and over again a single question: Who has her?

Since Holly called her abductor a bastard — and the hand that took the call looked decidedly masculine — we automatically assumed that the baddie was a man. But making assumptions in Port Charles — haven’t we all learned by now? — is a colossal mistake. The individual in question could have just been wearing one of those amazing masks that not only changes a person’s face, it alters their height, voice, mannerisms — the works!

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Moreover, Holly may not actually know the identity of her kidnapper, much less his or her gender. The kind of villains who hold people hostage, after all, rarely do their own hostage-taking; that’s what henchmen and -women are for! It’s even in their contracts (or should be!). And who’s to say that the person who took the call was the top dog? He could have just been the big boss’ right-hand man — emphasis on the hand. In other words, the real mastermind could be anyone. 

Well, almost anyone. has some hunches about who’s stolen away Holly and tried to make the world believe that the last plot the former con artist hatched was one of the funeral variety. And if you click on the photo gallery below, you can run through our list of suspects, a rogues’ gallery of troublemakers past who could make Robert, Olivia and Ethan’s future exceptionally tense.