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Talk about your “Holy [bleep]” cliffhangers!

You’ve got to give it to the folks at General Hospital. They’ve pulled so many rabbits out of their hat lately that we’re beginning to fear there will be none left for the magicians of the world. The latest? That jaw-dropping September 18 cliffhanger in which it was revealed that rumors of Holly’s death were, indeed, exaggerated!

Now, we hate to say “I told you so,” but… oh, who are we kidding! Like any soap fan, we love nothing more than finding out that what we’d speculated about (in a “Here’s our dream scenario” kinda way) was, in fact, correct! Being fully aware that Holly’s much-loved portrayer, Emma Samms, had recently been suffering some health issues, we weren’t holding out a whole lotta hope that Robert and Ethan’s coincidentally-mutual trips to Monte Carlo would actually result in a Holly sighting. Yet there she was, leaving us filled with both joy and a whole lot of questions!

For one thing… who the heck has been holding Robert’s ex hostage, and why? To whom was Holly speaking when she demanded to be set free? Who is the dead woman found by the WSB in that shallow grave, and exactly how did she die? Could we soon find out that while Holly is alive, another former Port Charles resident’s burnt body was used to create a distraction? (One viewer even suggested it might be another of Robert’s exes, Katherine Delafield!)

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Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but feel a little corner of our heart sink even as we celebrated Holly’s return. As thrilled as we are at her comeback, it threatens to throw a major monkey wrench into one of the most unexpected treats the show has given us in ages: the budding romance of Robert and Olivia! Oh, sure, they’d each be quick to say that they are nothing more than friends, but we don’t look at our friends the way these two do each other!

Yes, Olivia’s a married woman, but she and Ned are currently on the rocks. Plus, his daughter, Brook Lynn, is working hard to keep her outta-town stepmom from connecting with Ned, leaving him increasingly frustrated by his wife’s absence. By the time Olivia returns from Monte Carlo, it’s a safe bet that her spouse will have reached the boiling point! In other words, throwing Holly into the mix is a wonderfully juicy complication for all concerned!

Were you as stunned by Holly’s sudden appearance as we were? Hit the comments to tell us where you think this storyline will go next, and who you think might be in that grave! Then, while contemplating the thought of a juicy Ned/Olivia/Robert/Holly quadrangle, click the gallery below to revisit some only slightly less populated love triangles, the best of the best ones that daytime TV has ever constructed.