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No, you can’t turn to Uncle Google for help! 

Sometimes, the best prize a person can win is bragging rights. Which is good, because while we’re about to unleash admirers of General Hospital’s Sam McCall (played since 2003 by the one and only Kelly Monaco) in our own cyber version of Thunderdome, the victor will walk away with nothing more than the ability to call themselves the character’s biggest fan!

Now, because we take fandom pretty seriously around these parts, we won’t be asking simple questions like “What was the name of Sonny and Sam’s ill-fated baby?” or “Where did Sam and Jason become man and wife for the first time?” We think you deserve a true challenge! Heck, we’re hoping that at least one of the questions will prompt you to say, “Wait, who the heck are they talking about?”

The rules to our little competition are simple: Read the 10 questions below, then do a deep dive into your memory bank to see how many you can answer correctly. We’ll be operating on the honor system here — no searching the interwebs for answers! (While nobody would know but you, do you really wanna let yourself down that way? We thought not!) Once you’ve done that, we’ll tell you the answers, and you can hit the comments to let everyone know how many you got right! (if you’re feeling extra brave, you can also share which ones you got wrong. Think of it as a teachable moment!)

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco "General Hospital" Set The Prospect Studios ABC Studios Los Angeles 06/15/11 ©Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12355 U.S.Airdate 07/26/11

Ready for the questions? Here they come!

1. Why did Spinelli originally move in with Sam and Jason?

2. What led to the end of Sam and Jax’s brief affair?

3. Name the birth mother of Hope, the baby Jason and Sam had planned to adopt.

4. What alias did Sam use when marrying Andrew Olsen and why?

5. Why did Sam beat up Ethan Lovett?

6. What was the name of Sam’s maternal grandmother, and how did she die?

7. Name the Russian mobster whose associates Sam and Liz fought off in a cabin.

8. What was the name of the company Sam and Drew bought from Julian?

9. How did Sam’s child wind up being given to another woman?

10. Where did Sam first meet One Life to Live’s John McBain?

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