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Credit: Images: ABC, Patti Perret/Universal Pictures/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

And no, sadly, that reaction is not Mark Wahlberg calling him up to say that he’d love to pay Port Charles a visit!

When William deVry tweeted Blue Bloods star Donnie Walhberg, asking him to help get movie-star sibling Mark Wahlberg “on General Hospital for a week to play [my] long-lost Jerome hitman brother,” Julian’s portrayer knew that he’d get a reaction. Some laughs. Some “OMG, what a rad idea!” responses. Some “Good luck with that, buddy” posts.

But one thing the actor didn’t expect was Twitter’s recommendation that he add himself to the fan club of a certain boy band. “Um, why in the world do the New Kids On the Block show up in my suggestions on ‘Who to Follow’?” he asked on September 16. “Was it the whole Donnie Wahlberg thingy to General Hospital thingy?

“Which,” he added with a winky-face emoji, “of course, is real.”

If you’re scratching your head as to why Twitter would encourage deVry to become a Blockhead, you’ve probably forgotten that before Donnie Wahlberg became a celebrated actor, whose credits range from The Sixth Sense to four (!) Saw flicks, he was a member of NKOTB. (Maybe deVry should just be glad that Twitter didn’t suggest that he follow the Funky Bunch, the group Mark Wahlberg fronted during his stint as rapping underwear model Marky Mark.)

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