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Credit: Image: ABC screenshot

When the ABC soap shut its doors, Brando’s portrayer worried that he’d never get to walk through them again.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re Johnny Wactor. You’ve just started a great new job, playing brooding badass Brando on General Hospital, and… suddenly, the whole world gets turned upside-down. To the point that the 57-year-old daytime drama brought its production of new episodes to a screeching halt. Unheard-of, right?

“I was absolutely concerned about my new role… being short-lived,” he says in a Q&A. “I was uncertain when or if we’d return filming.”

Now that the soap has resumed production — and, on top of that, is putting out really tremendous episodes (read our review of their post-shutdown shows here) — Wactor is beyond relieved. He’s “so grateful that we have returned and I’m able to make a living again,” he says. “I know that a lot of people are not able to do so, and had I not been on this show, [I would] have a lot more worry about how to make ends meet. Supremely fortunate and grateful.”

Since General Hospital made its triumphant return, Wactor has been in the thick of things, not only bonding with TJ, aka the significant other of one-night stand Molly (awkward!), but coming under suspicion of being the individual who caused Jason’s motorcycle accident. (As if!) But he still made time to make an appearance on 7 Questions With Steve Burton & Bradford Anderson.

During the guys’ wacky conversation, Wactor admitted that, like Brando, he was no stranger to fisticuffs. In fact, “I got a broken jaw and broke my nose three times” in fights, he told his castmates, who play Jason and Spinelli, respectively. Despite how that sounds, “I would like to say that I’ve won more than I’ve lost, and I think I have.”

Elsewhere in the video, the actor shares what he wouldn’t do for $5M and reveals his recipe for “trash.” You can watch it in full above. And when you’re done, why not check out the below photo gallery, which counts down the 30 greatest General Hospital characters of all time, and sign up for the free newsletter to make sure you never again miss a sudsy update from us!

Video: 7 Questions With Steve Burton & Bradford Anderson/YouTube