general hospital laura wright carly smiling
Credit: Image: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

It was all part of what looked like a highly celebratory weekend.

A lot of us struggle with getting older, our perspectives changing along with our bodies. But General Hospital Emmy winner Laura Wright seems to have decided to embrace it wholeheartedly, adapting with gratitude, grace… and a figure that’s to die for.

On her September 11 birthday, the actress, who’s played Carly for 15 years and counting, posted a revealing selfie and shared her thoughts. “My 40s were devastating and amazing… I lost a lot and gained even more,” she wrote, perhaps referencing her divorce from her husband of more than two decades and her subsequent relationship with General Hospital castmate Wes Ramsey (Peter). “I am beyond grateful for it all.”

“This is me,” she continued. “This is 50.” Among those cheering on Wright were several former co-stars, among them General Hospital alum Brytni Sarpy (who’s now Elena on The Young and the Restless), Rebecca Gayheart (with whom Wright appeared on Loving) and Wendy Moniz (with whom she appeared on Guiding Light).

From the looks of things, the birthday girl had an amazing weekend. She also shared a shot of herself with daughter Lauren and captioned it, “This moment with my girl was just perfect.”

And, of course, Wright got in some quality time with “this handsome fella,” she wrote of her significant other. She even managed to turn a stroll down the block into a fashion statement. “Like I’ve always said,” commented Finola Hughes (Anna), “no one wears throwback ’70s dresses better than [you].”

While Wright has been enjoying herself in real life, on screen is another matter altogether. In the wake of nemesis Nelle’s fatal (?) plunge, Carly has been leaning on her former husband, Jax, instead of her current one, Sonny — a big no-no in the eyes of the don. And it looks ever more like the truth about Peter — whatever that may, in fact, be — is going to come out sooner than later.

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