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Credit: Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection (3)

Wait, is Victor Cassadine really No. 1 on this list?!?

Kidding. Of course, Victor isn’t at the peak of’s comprehensive list of the 40 greatest General Hospital characters of all time. The conniving puppet master only tops Port Charles’ most-wanted list. And, to be clear, that’s its most-wanted-dead list!

But we really have compiled a countdown of the 60-year-old ABC soap’s best characters ever and taken the extra step of ranking them from least to most compelling and historically significant. Although, honestly, this being only a Top 40 and not, say, a Top 400, even the characters toward the bottom of the list are pretty freaking awesome.

It wasn’t easy, either. Picking the cream of the crop from the many, many memorable do-gooders and baddies who have roamed the docks of Port Charles was a bit like deciding that one diamond sparkles brightly, the next as brightly as the Ice Princess. Included in our Top 40 list are a modern-day enforcer whose nickname belied his tendency to make viewers feel red-hot, a 1980s heartthrob who was as likely to break out in song as he was to bust a criminal, a skilled surgeon who is perhaps better known for her bedside manner, and a devoted nurse whose pain no -killer could ever seem to diminish.

Want to see who made the cut? Just click on the photo gallery below, then when you’re done perusing the pictures, come back and comment with the characters you’d have moved up, down, added or subtracted! Oh, and be sure to sign up for’s newsletter — it’s a free way to get all the latest news and previews delivered right to your email inbox!