GH Most Loved Mashup
Credit: Images: ABC (4) recently asked its readers — in other words, you — who their — well, your — favorite and least favorite Port Charles residents were. Today: the good news.

It seems like only yesterday, but it was more like a whole week ago that asked followers of our Facebook page to name their most-loved and, uh… let’s go with least-loved General Hospital characters. (Did you miss it? Click LIKE here and now, or forever lose your right to complain!)

Today, we’re going to reveal the results of the first half of our wholly unscientific poll, the half that distinguishes the Port Charles denizens you adore from the lot that you merely kinda-sorta tolerate. And we’ll tell you upfront: The list isn’t entirely surprising. The fictional folks who made the cut are by and large the ones that you could imagine having over for a cup of coffee, the ones with whom you’d eagerly leave your kids if you were stuck for a babysitter.

But there’s one character on your list of hits that did raise our eyebrows. You wouldn’t necessarily trust this made-up individual with your Wifi password, much less your child (and certainly not your spouse). Mind you, we get it. The character in question is unquestionably our favorite — that is, if we were the sort to play favorites.

Are you ready to see who you and your fellow General Hospital fans picked as the soap’s most-loved? Just click on the photo gallery below, and off you go. When you’re done, be sure and come back and share your reactions in the comments; if you don’t, you know very well that someone else will, and they’ll just get it all wrong!