gh nina possible son mashup
Credit: Images: ABC (2), ABC screenshot (2)

We’ve come up with four likely candidates.

After General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini suggested on Twitter that Nina had had a boy, not a girl, our minds were blown. Like, to smithereens — that level of blown. But once we picked up the pieces and squished them back together again, we began using our reconstructed heads to figure out who, exactly, her son could be.

Some characters, we ruled out immediately. For instance, even though Michael is the right age, it couldn’t be him — he’s been a part of the Port Charles canvas since the day that he was born. And unless Silas wasn’t really the baby’s daddy, TJ couldn’t be Nina’s offspring, either.

Chase, on the other hand, is a possibility. He’s the right age, relatively new to Port Charles, and we know that there was so much turmoil in his family growing up, we kinda wish we’d gotten to see it play out on screen! So it’s entirely believable that when Nina’s mother “got rid of” her grandchild, it wound up with Finn’s father and his second wife.

Another option is Brando. Yeah, we know he’s supposedly Gladys’ son. But we also know that Gladys’ motto is “Live and let lie.” For ages, she’d let everyone believe that Brando was dead. So it doesn’t take much of a — or really any! — stretch of the imagination to think that she’d pass off another woman’s kid as her own (especially if she’d received a nice payday from Madeline to do so!).

Dustin could be a contender, too. He’s a little older than the other guys, but is that really an issue on a show that once sold us on the idea that Billy Miller and Steve Burton, at a decade apart in age, were twin brothers Drew and Jason? Plus, as another relative newcomer to town, he has a past that’s a blank slate, one that the writers could fill in any way they wanted — including with a shady adoption.

Finally, there’s Peter. And OK, after almost three years of playing the “Is he or isn’t he really Anna’s son?” game, it would be a bitter pill to swallow if he turned out to be neither hers nor twin sister Alex’s but, of all people, Nina’s. But… it is a possibility. Here’s why.

You’ll recall that Henrik was handed over to his father by an intermediary, which is why Faison had never known the identity of the child’s mother. We have no way of knowing whether, between the time they received the tot and gave it away, they decided to swap it out for another baby in flux — a baby like the one Madeline was trying to “dispose of.”

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Do you think Nina had a son, a daughter… one of each? And if she did have a son, who do you suspect it is? One of these guys, or someone we’ve yet to meet? On your way to the comments, why not check out the photo gallery below, a collection of images of actors like General Hospital alum Tamara Braun (ex-Kim) and Roger Howarth (Franco) who have scored in more than one role on the same show.