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Mark your calendars — judgment day is at hand.

General Hospital conniver Peter is, in essence, toast. You’ll notice that we didn’t phrase that as a question or even a maybe but as a fact — and here’s why. Robert, who is as much of a threat to him as a mongoose is to a rattlesnake — recently told Spinelli that “before that kid pops out, I want Maxie to have the truth about its father!”

And that, to put it mildly, is not going to be pretty. Faison’s son with Anna (or so we still believe, if only for the moment) kept Jason from Sam and his family for years, hired an assassin to do away with Andre, orchestrated the plane crash that killed Jason’s twin brother, Drew, and instructed a flunky to “distract” Robert… right before his true love, Holly, was reported to have met her maker.

Yeah, it doesn’t look good for Peter. Since arriving in Port Charles and forging connections with half sister-in-law Maxie and his supposed mother, he’s paid lip service to the notion of becoming a better man, one who is worthy of their love. But has he really pulled it off? Not so much.

Now, time is running out for Peter to be exposed as the kind of villain of whom his father might actually be proud — and his son might be horrified. If mom-to-be Maxie were in any deeper, she and her babydaddy would be married — a prospect that’s as ghastly as the idea of her marrying Levi. (Remember him? No? Just as well!)

So we have faith in Robert’s ability to bring down Peter’s house of cards on his head. It also doesn’t seem like a coincidence that at the end of the September 2 episode of General Hospital, Anna’s twin sister — who may or may not be the scoundrel’s real biological mother — just happened to ring her sibling. It’s but another sign that the stars are aligning to reveal Peter for the tortured rat bastard that he is.

What do you think? Will you be glad to see Peter brought to justice? Or would you prefer to see him continue to attempt to better himself? Do you believe that he’s even Anna’s child? (Read our hopeful theory here.) As you head on down to the comments, maybe you’ll enjoy stopping by the below photo gallery, which reviews the real-life first husbands of a bunch of bona-fide soap stars.