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“Give me a break,” pleaded the Emmy winner.

It all started with an innocuous enough tweet from General Hospital. “Jax is concerned for Carly’s mental heath,” the ABC soap posted. “Has Nelle returned from the grave to haunt her?” Not all that shocking, right? Not terribly provocative. And none of us really believe that Nelle is dead, anyway, do we?

But Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny, wasn’t focused at all on the Ghost Nelle portion of the tweet, he was more preoccupied with Carly’s ex-husband being all up in her business again. “Oh please,” he tweeted. “Give me a break. Not again.”

Leading lady Laura Wright (Carly) ate it up with spoon. “Jelly,” she replied. In other words, jealous — that wasn’t a reference to jam.

If Jax’s renewed closeness with his former missus should lead to her becoming Sonny’s former missus again, the mobster might not have to wait long to land himself a new love interest. After babymama Alexis sent her latest beau, Neil, from the bedroom to the morgue, Benard teased her portrayer, Nancy Lee Grahn, on Twitter, writing that “I see you were too much for your boyfriend.”

In response, the actress dared him to an on-screen rematch. “I held back with you,” she joked. “Want a love-off? This time, I won’t play.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Jax and Carly rekindle the flame that we thought had burned out so long ago? Could you imagine Sonny and Alexis rebounding into one another’s arms? While you weigh in in the comments, you might also enjoy the below photo gallery, which revisits 10 soap stars’ first real-life marriages, many of which you’ve probably forgotten (if you ever knew about ’em in the first place!).