GH Rundown for the week of October 19!

The C077X mystery is really grabbing me. I’m glad we’re seeing a little more of what’s in the loft when they pan over it because I was a bit concerned it was going to be the same thing every time and that would just be boring. Also, the music is ominous enough to make me wonder what is going on and the shots of Jason lead me to assume it has something to do with James Franco’s upcoming character, since he is supposed to be bad news for Stone Cold. Thinking it has something to do with James Franco makes me even more excited as I can’t wait to see the A-list actor in Port Charles.

Except for a few fun one-liners from her, everything with Helena this go around felt really odd. I realize they have pushed the Spencer/Cassadine storyline back a bit, but bringing her on, having her kidnap Luke, Valentin poisoning her and her coming to Port Charles just seemed really anti-climactic, disjointed and dull. Now she’s off camera again. I can only hope when she returns, along with Valentin, it will be a little more interesting and it makes sense.

I was so happy to see Max and Diane this week! Of course, there wasn’t enough of them, but I loved that they finally explained what’s been going on and that Diane tried to tell Max she thought of him more than just her ‘love puppet’. Of course things got out of hand and he threw Louise in her face and she threw her man in his, if she does in fact have a man in Philadelphia. I would have liked to have seen more of them, rather than Jason and Sam rescuing a pregnant woman we don’t know or even Sonny and Claudia in Puerto Rico. Even though I know there was a point to both those things.

Speaking of those couples, Jason finally got the proof he needed regarding Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. It was a little convoluted, but he found Ian’s CD containing his conversations with Jerry and Claudia planning the hit on Sonny in the hospital’s lost and found, and really, it’s about time. I personally can’t wait until Sonny finds out, which will be this week, and goes all mobster on her butt. I hope it lives up to the anticipation.